Size for men still has value

The size of the male sexual organ still has value. Researchers from the United States pointed to the existence of correlation between the size of male members, and infertility.

Men with only a modest amount of “dignity” can also have low fertility, stated Dr. Austin Slade from the University of Utah.

Within three years, led his group made measurements of the magnitude of the genitals in men and correlated these indicators with data on reproductive health. Thus was surveyed 815 men. Scientists came to the conclusion that infertile men penises a bit shorter compared to fertile peers.

The authors of the project found: on average, men who were diagnosed with infertility, had a member, the value of which in the excited state was 12.5 cm. Men without this diagnosis, it was equal to 13.4 cm.

Earlier Magicforum wrote that scientists have found an unusual link between infertility and life expectancy in men: it turned out that the factor of male longevity in a certain way is associated with the concentration of sperm in the ejaculate.