Quitting smoking could save you more than £4,000 a year

Did you know that giving up a pack of cigarettes a day could save you up to £4,197 a year – the price of a family holiday abroad?

Not only would this be extremely beneficial for your health, but getting a holiday out of it would be ideal too. 

Research from vaping experts IndeJuice revealed how much money you could save, based on the average UK cost for a pack of twenty cigarettes over various time-spans. 

They broke down how much money you could save throughout your lifetime if you kicked the habit for good, as well as comparing what you could be spending the money on instead. 

According to the report, an occasional smoker could save £598 a year, while frequent smokers can expect to see staggering savings in the long run – banking up to £41,975 over ten years from quitting smoking. 

This is the equivalent of a 20% deposit on a £200,000 property, the price of a Porsche Cayman or nearly a kilogram of 24 carat gold.

Smoking can quickly add up – in terms of health and money – even if you’re not a regular smoker. 

It can cause cancer, a debilitating condition called Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and increases the risk of a wide-ranging of conditions from tuberculosis to arthritis.

Smoking one pack of cigarettes a day comes at the price of roughly £11.50 per pack. If you gave that up, you would save more than £300 per month or £4,197 over the course of a year.

Instead, that money could be used for a family holiday abroad for four people, the cost of running your car for ten years or paying for a gym membership for eleven years. 

Furthermore, if you smoke just one pack of cigarettes a week at the same average cost, you could find £2,991 in your pocket over the next five years. 

The money saved by quitting for one year could cover the cost of a three-course meal for you and your significant other eleven times a year, the cost of nine weekly food shops or seven annual Netflix subscriptions.

‘Many smokers are already aware of the harm imposed on their body by regularly smoking,but it is easy to overlook the financial savings that could be made by choosing to quit for good,’ says a spokesperson for IndeJuice. 

When looking at Google Trends data over the past five years, you can find a significant increase in people searching ways to ‘quit smoking’ year on year – except for during the pandemic, where there was a 2.3% decrease. 

‘As we emerge out of the pandemic, it is important that we continue to reflect on the health benefits of quitting for good, and the long-term savings offer an incentive to do so,’ say IndeJuce.

If you want support while trying to quit smoking, contact your GP who can put you in touch with a ‘Stop Smoking Advisor’ or contact the SmokeFree National Helpline on 0300 123 1044.

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