John Humphrys ‘horrendous’ health experience and how his father lost his sight

GMB: John Humphrys discusses his father’s health

Broadcaster and presenter of Radio 4’s Today programme, John Humphrys, 77, discussed his health issues on Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid. The often-controversial Humphrys spoke about his stance on the new coronavirus vaccine being currently rolled out and discussed his own father’s ill health with measles.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain Humphrys said: “My father had measles as a little boy.

“In those days everybody knew that if you had measles you had to stay indoors.

“Not because of catching a cold or anything but because the optic nerve could be affected badly.

“The inevitable did happen and his optic nerve had burnt, and he was blind for a long time when he was younger, he never properly regained his sight and he died blind.

“And it was absolutely horrendous.”

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Humphrys had previously said in an interview with Mail Online and said: “Let me declare that I am a pro-vaxxer.

“My life has spanned a period in this nation’s history during which the lives of millions have been saved or transformed by the miracle of vaccination.

“And I have seen at first-hand the terrible price paid by the generation before me. Including my own father, George.

“George was a typically naughty little 11-year-old when he caught measles.

“Every mother in those days knew what damage measles could do to the eyes if they were exposed to bright light so she shut him in his bedroom.

“By the time my wife and I had our own children, measles had been conquered.

“The MMR vaccine also saw off those other horrible diseases: mumps and rubella.

“What a triumph for science and humanity.”

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Otherwise known as mRNA, messenger RNA prompts a genetic mechanism which builds COVID antibodies and destroys traces of the virus without the need for a direct injection of viral matter.

The latest approach diverges from the norm both by mechanism and development time, as traditional vaccines take years to develop.

While the highly effective mumps vaccine took four years to develop, the COVID-19 jabs took less than one.

Vaccine manufacturers have not yet released the full array of ingredients their jabs use.

Humphrys continued: “Vaccines are mighty weapons but for them to wipe out a disease entirely it is often vital to establish herd immunity. 

“And there are signs that measles is beginning to make a comeback. That’s one of the reasons I describe myself as a pro-vaxxer.

“Many of you will say there is a huge difference between a measles vaccine and a Covid vaccine.

“Covid is new. The vaccine is untried. We should be very, very cautious just in case of potentially lethal side effects.

“Perhaps but only up to a point. Covid-19 may be new but the coronavirus from which it springs is not. 

“It has caused two relatively new epidemics – Sars and Mers – and scientists have had 20 years to study them in detail.”

Traditional vaccines consist of the following ingredients, according to the Oxford University Vaccine Knowledge Project:

Aluminium (as aluminium salts such as aluminium sulphate, phosphate or potassium aluminium sulphate)

Squalene oil (MF59 – only used in one flu vaccine)

Thiomersal (a harmless mercury product no-longer widely used)




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