HIMSSCast: Cybersecurity priorities from the HITRUST expert

One of the most important aspects of running a healthcare provider organization today is cybersecurity. And that is the subject of this latest HIMSSCast podcast.

The special guest is Robert Booker, chief strategy officer at the Health Information Trust Alliance, or HITRUST, following his retirement from over 30 years as a cybersecurity leader and technology professional.

Prior to HITRUST, Robert spent 13 years as the chief information security officer for a Fortune 10 company dedicated to the healthcare industry.

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Talking points:

  • What’s happening on the national front with agencies like CISA, NIST and the OCR weighing in on security as a priority?

  • How can healthcare provider organizations meet recommended practices and security expectations?

  • What about smaller healthcare provider organizations that may be less mature in their security controls and cyber programs and don’t have the staffs and resources to focus on security measures like the large healthcare entities?

  • How is HITRUST helping in this space? How is it adjusting its focus to help healthcare organizations in this space and what tools and resources are available?

  • What will be the biggest challenge for organizations trying to meet adequate security levels and expectations? How do they know where to start?

  • What can we expect from HITRUST moving forward?

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