Here’s How Being A Leo Could Affect Your Mental Health

Mental health and physical health go hand in hand and maintaining good mental health helps your overall well-being, according to Medical News Today. Some people believe that the astrological sign you are born under reveals traits within one’s self that can affect mental health.

Astrology has been used to explain human behavior for centuries, and astrology and astronomy were long interlinked, according to Allure. That’s evidenced by astrological signs having a direct relation to constellations observed in the sky before modern science was ever born. Each sign comes with it a set of character traits that many say make up who you are as a person. All of these traits are believed by many to have a different effect on your mental health.

What does this mean for Leos? If you are born under the sign of Leo (with a birthdate between July 23 and August 22), stress could become a major contributing factor to your overall mental wellness.

Being born a Leo has its set of challenges

The traits that are associated with being a Leo include courage, confidence, passion, and creativity, according to Allure. Leos also put their heart and soul into every romantic relationship and friendship, but some of a Leo’s bravado is on the outside when there are different feelings on the inside.

Stress can cause a Leo to cry, according to Repeller. However, a Leo will wait until they are alone to cry and always put up a brave front. As situations become overwhelming, a Leo might actually internalize these feelings. Because Leos are so outgoing and ambitious, they might even enjoy being stressed and find it to be a challenge. Leos work well under situations where anxiety might do others in. However, that does not mean a Leo shouldn’t try to cope with their stress while also being strong. If the stress is internalized, crying can ensue as mentioned above, as can nausea. Dealing with stress head-on is the best bet.

Repeller suggests that Leos should find healthy ways to destress, including socializing and having a person to vent to on a regular basis.

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