GP ‘wouldnt discount possibility of lockdown if people dont get Covid booster

Dr Hilary discusses possible Covid wave

The statistics for current Covid infections aren’t very clear, said Dr Johannes Uys, a General Practitioner (GP) at Broadgate General Practice.

But in September, the government urged anybody over the age of 65 in England to get a top-up Covid vaccine in response to new Covid variants emerging. 

But Dr Uys warned that the smaller number of people who get a Covid vaccine booster means a larger number of people would be susceptible to the disease, which could cause another wave.

“I wouldn’t discount the possibility of a lockdown, but hopefully it won’t come to that,” said Dr Uys.

The doctor clarified the groups eligible for the Covid booster vaccine, which are:

  • All adults aged 65 and over
  • All residents of care homes
  • Anybody below that age who is in a clinical risk group
  • People who work in frontline health and social care
  • Some people who are carers or household contacts of people with immunosuppression.

Dr Uys said: “If you are at high risk of getting seriously ill with Covid, you should get a booster.”

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Why is a Covid booster necessary?

Dr Uys explained while most people have had at least one Covid vaccine and a booster by now, the effectiveness of these diminishes over time.

He said: “If you don’t regularly get a booster, you are more likely to become infected with Covid.

“With a booster, you are both less likely to catch it in the first place, but also less likely to become seriously ill.”

For those who are not eligible for a booster, Dr Uys assured “Covid will not be hugely serious”.

People who are not eligible for a free Covid booster have a much-reduced risk of severe illness or death from Covid.

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Dr Uys added: “If it will put your mind at rest and you want to get a booster, there isn’t any harm in it.

“If you are frequently in contact with someone who is vulnerable to serious illness from it, but don’t qualify as eligible for the booster, you may want to pay for one.”

As for the possibility of another Covid lockdown, while the possibility hasn’t been completely disregarded, it is fairly unlikely.

Dr Uys stated that “the majority of the population has some degree of immunity” against Covid.

Furthermore, Dr Uys added: “It’s important to remember that, unless a highly resistant variant emerges, the likelihood is things won’t be as bad as last time.”

If you are eligible for a Covid booster but have not yet been invited for vaccination, you can contact your local doctor’s clinic.

For those who would like to pay for a Covid booster, you can get vaccinated in a pharmacy.

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