Doctors say you're more likely to fracture your penis at Christmas

Be warned, men… doctors say you’re more likely to fracture your penis at Christmas

  • Medics analysed hospital data of more than 3,000 men who suffered the injury
  • The daily incidence of fractures over Christmas rose to 0.78 up from 0.54

Men are more likely to fracture their penis at Christmas, doctors say.

German medics discovered rates of the eye-watering injury spike over the festive period.

Although the penis is not a bone, it can fracture when the appendage is subject to sharp, blunt force. Afterwards, the penis usually resembles an ‘aubergine’, turning purple and swollen.

Such injuries typically happen during vigorous sex, with positions like ‘doggy’ and ‘cowgirl’ known to present the biggest risk.

German medics have discovered the risk of penis fractures spike over Christmas . Men aged 42 were most affected by the painful injury, which occurs by fracturing the blood-filled columns which make it hard during an erection. When a penis fractures it most often happens during ‘over-enthusiastic’ sex, snapping under the weight of a partner’s body or a powerful thrust 

Experts at University Hospital of Munich analysed data from more than 3,000 men who suffered the injury in Germany between 2005 and 2021.

Forty penis fractures were logged over the Christmas period – defined as the 24th, 25th and 26th of December – throughout the study.

This represented a daily incidence rate of 0.78, or seven every 10 days.  

For comparison, it was around 0.54 the rest of the year.

No other seasonal spikes, including for New Year’s Eve, were seen during the study, published in the British Journal of Urology International.

‘If every day was like Christmas, 43 per cent more fractures would have occurred in Germany from 2005 onwards,’ the medics wrote.’

‘Our findings place a demand on couples to reduce “wild sex” during moments of relaxation to reduce the risk of penile fractures.’

In a play on Wham’s festive anthem, the team jokingly added: ‘Last Christmas penile fractures occurred more often. 

‘This year, to save us from tears, we will not do something special (the new Christmas hit of the year).’

The team, however, acknowledged several flaws in the study, including that the days logged in the study reflected the hospital admission, not necessarily the date of the injury. 

A penis fracture happens instantaneously and requires urgent medical treatment. In many cases, a grim snapping sound can be heard.

For a man to get an erection, two spongy tubes called the corpora cavernosa fill up with blood and harden. These are surrounding by a fibrous lining, known as tunica albuginea.

A fracture occurs when these areas rupture.


A penile fracture occurs when the appendage is subject to a sharp, blunt force trauma, which can occur during vigorous intercourse or masturbation.

Since 1924, 1,600 cases have been recorded worldwide – roughly 16 instances per year, the Telegraph reported in 2017. 

Researchers noted that in 50 per cent of cases, a gruesome cracking sound can be heard. Four in five male victims lost their erection.

Those who have already been traumatised from breaking their penis are often left with erectile dysfunction problems and a lifetime of painful sex.  

A report in 2017 revealed a man from southern China who was left in agony after breaking his penis during sex with his wife.

Doctors found that his penis was at an odd angle and was in a swollen shape that made it look like an eggplant.

He was diagnosed with a penile fracture after tearing a sponge-like erectile tissue called corpora cavernosa.

Blood flows into corpora cavernosa that runs along the penis and makes it hard during an erection.

The trick to stopping penile injuries is to thrust quite shallowly, according to sex expert Tracey Cox.

Holding your partner close to you using a grinding rather than thrusting motion will also reduce the risk, she told MailOnline.

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