AZoNetwork launches Azthena, your personal scientific assistant

AZoNetwork, the specialist science publisher with over one million named subscribers, has announced the launch of Azthena, a personal scientific assistant.

Azthena is an AI-powered chatbot that has been trained specifically on content written by scientists for scientists, minimizing the risk of hallucination often associated with other chatbots.

Azthena is designed to provide explicit references to its source material across AZoNetwork's vast network of millions of content items. This ensures that users can access reliable and accurate information, making it an invaluable tool for researchers, scientists, and professionals in various industries.

By leveraging our 23 years of experience in the scientific publishing industry, we have created aunique AI assistant that can effectively supportscientists and engineersin their quest forknowledge," said Dr. Ian Birkby, CEO of AZoNetwork. "Azthena's training on our extensive collectionof scientific content allows it to deliver reliable and up-to-dateinformation to users, making it anindispensable resource in the scientific community."

Azthena is now available on, which aggregates content from over 14 different industry websites and 140+ sector-specific communities. Users can simply log in and ask Azthena questions, and the AI assistant will provide them with accurate and relevant information from AZoNetwork's vast database. To try out Azthena, visit*

Dr. Ian Birkby on Azthena, your personal scientific assistant.

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