Sasha Pieterse on Being Able to Get Pregnant with PCOS: 'It's Been an Absolute Blessing'

The Moment DWTS' Sasha Pieterse Revealed Her Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Diagnosis

"I've heard some really amazing stories about how pregnancy can actually help with symptoms of PCOS afterward, which would be amazing, but we're taking it one step at a time and just thankful that we're both healthy," she adds.

The Perfectionists actress also says that being pregnant amid the current coronavirus pandemic has "been a blessing in disguise" because she and Sheaffer have been able to remain home together and "really enjoy every moment."

"I just want to see this little face," Pieterse says of the baby on the way. "I think that the more the baby moves and changes you, you just want to meet them and see the person that they're gonna be."

"I'm excited for all those little things, but also just for this new chapter and this new journey," she continues.

As for her pregnancy cravings? "I, for some reason, have been obsessed with cream cheese," says the mom-to-be, who recently partnered with plant-based meat-substitute brand Lightlife to develop her own burger recipe, adding that peaches, pineapple and French pickles have also been go-to snacks.

"I wanted to be a mom my whole life," Pieterse adds. "The fact that it's finally here — it's a crazy, crazy time, but a beautiful time. In the midst of everything happening, it really is the silver lining for us."

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