Expert Nutritionists Recommend These Superfoods For Beautiful Skin

Expert nutritionists don’t spend much on skin care products or anti-aging creams. Instead, they take care of the epidermis (skin) from the inside. If you are wondering why the answer is simple. The epidermis is the largest and most noticeable part of the body. It externally represents everything that goes on inside a human body. We end up spending a fortune on moisturizers, lotions, and anti-aging creams to improve this external representation. However, according to expert nutritionists, we should really pay attention to what we eat. If you add these super foods to your daily diet, you’ll get that enchanting glow in no time.

1. Organic Tomato Paste

Lycopene is an antioxidant carotenoid. And you need it if you want to prevent signs of aging, protect the skin from sun damage, and keep those nasty wrinkles away. In other words, you must add it to your diet, period. You can get a healthy dose of lycopene in fruits like guava, watermelon, and grapefruit, but a bowl full of organic tomato paste has 10 times more lycopene than the aforementioned fruits. It even has more than the paste of ripe red tomatoes.

2. Peppers/Sweet Bell

The colorful and easy on the eyes bell peppers are rich in vitamin C. In fact, a single ounce of raw yellow bell pepper has more than 50mg of the most concentrated vitamin C, which is more than any other fruit or a vegetable on the planet. Red and green sweet bell peppers have vitamin C amounting to 35.8 and 22.5mg. Oranges are also considered rich in vitamin C, but shockingly, their 12.6 mg per ounce vitamin C concentration doesn’t even come close to sweet bell peppers. So if you want healthy, shining skin, make sure to add sweet pepper bells to your grocery list.

3. Green Tea

Green tea is definitely the most ubiquitous health drink in the world. It’s widely used by expert nutritionists across the globe because it contains a high concentration of antioxidants that keep the skin hydrated. Not only that, the antioxidants in green tea protect the skin from sun damage and slow the skin’s aging process as well. It is recommended to add at least 2 cups of powdered green tea known as matcha to your diet every day.

4. Walnuts

Walnuts, like fish, are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. If you’d like to have shiny hair and smoother skin, adding walnuts to your diet would be a good thing to do. Omega-3 can also be found in several expensive anti-aging creams to achieve the same desired effects.

5. Eggs

If you have damaged and dry skin, start cracking open a couple of eggs daily. Eggs contain high protein levels and can repair damaged skin by stimulating cell growth. Eggs also contain biotin, which not only makes the skin moist but also prevents dryness and wrinkles. No wonder nutrition experts start their day with a two-egg omelet.

6. Beans

Like eggs, beans and legumes are also rich in proteins. They almost have all the chemical properties of the eggs but with an even higher concentration of amino acids. Our stomach breaks down proteins into amino acids, which are the main ingredients cells need to survive. Amino acids repair the damaged cells and speed up the generation of new cells in the body.

7. Mineral Water

This really shouldn’t come as a surprise. Water is the essential part of our diet and survival. The body starts showing signs of dehydration if you drink less than 2 glasses of water a day. Dead skin on the lips, irregular bowel movements, and inflammation in the chest are just a few early signs. Fresh water keeps the skin glowing and drinking 3-4 glasses a day will not only have a positive effect on the skin but also on your overall health.

8. Olive Oil

If you like cooking or frying your food in butter or cheese, stop doing that. Instead, introduce olive oil to your diet. Pouring olive oil on a bowl of fresh green salad can enhance the effects and provide the essential vitamins E and K to the body. If you have dry skin, massaging your face and arms with olive oil can start showing its positive effects in just a week.

Smoking, heavy drinking, and eating junk food create a number of serious health and skin issues. These super foods can definitely help you achieve the dream results you have been longing for, but it’s also necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle overall.

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