Ashley Cain's Girlfriend Safiyya Vorajee on Emotional Final Days with Baby: 'Feels Like Torture'

Safiyya Vorajee is opening up about making the most of the final days with her baby girl while also struggling with the emotional ups and down of the situation.

Vorajee and her boyfriend, The Challenge's Ashley Cain, announced Thursday that doctors found cancerous tumors throughout their 8-month-old daughter Azaylia Diamond's body, revealing that she has "days to live" amid her battle with a rare form of leukemia, which they first shared news of with fans back in October. The couple took their baby girl home Friday to spend time together.

On Sunday night, she was taken to the hospital for an emergency platelet transfusion, Vorajee shared Monday, after Azaylia suffered "profuse bleeding."

"Azaylia had a 30min transfusion, but this didn't stop the bleeding over night, I put her on her observation machine so I could keep an eye on her oxygen & heart rate levels for reassurance," the mom writes on Instagram. "I have the privilege to wake up this morning and watch her open her eyes and play this is precious."

In a video message on her Instagram Story, Vorajee explains the emotional toll she's experiencing while staying strong for her child.

"I just wake up in the morning and I look at her and I just feel so blessed every single morning that I'm waking up with her and having her there to hold and to smile to and to sing one of our Jungle Book themed tunes to all day long — the amount of times we sing this song to her is just mind-blowing," she says. "I just feel so happy that I can spend today with her and play and love her as much as I can and tell her how much I love her."

"It's absolutely heart-breaking. This feels like torture," adds Vorajee. "It's so difficult and it's so hard. The support that you guys have all given us is amazing, it's incredible."

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Vorajee also shares that she plans to get a tattoo of her baby's hands and feet to commemorate Azaylia "so I could always have her so close."

"This stuff is so hard … but I'm just gonna make every day as happy, as fun, as playful as possible for her," she says, adding to her followers, "Have a good day as well, guys. Appreciate all your loved ones, everybody that you love. Your children, hold them closer and tighter because tomorrow is never promised for anybody. So enjoy today."

Cain, 30, shared similar sentiments in a comment to Vorajee's Monday Instagram post, writing, "EVERY SINGLE DAY IS A BLESSING WITH OUR LITTLE PRINCESS."

Sharing a video of himself holding Azaylia on his Instagram Story Monday, Cain writes, "Time is passing so quickly. Every second means everything."

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On Friday, Cain called his daughter his "hero" as he touted her strength throughout her health battle.

"9 days ago consultants told us my daughter had 1-2 days to live, but thought she may pass that evening," he wrote on Instagram at the time. "Even with a barbaric disease consuming her blood, tumours in her brain and organs and amounts of pain I cannot imagine… She is still battling through 9 days later, with parts of the day with nothing but smiles despite her discomfort."

"This is a testament of this little girls strength and the fight she has possessed all of the way through. She has fought a battle that not many, if any, of us could have endured and she's earned the love and respect of many on the way," he continued. "The truth is though, I hope and pray that I have earned hers! Even through the hardest and saddest time of my life, she has found a way to make it better. She has shined light on the darkest of days and she has opened my heart to amounts of love I couldn't believe possible!"

The U.K. reality star added that he finds "strength" in spending time with her in her final days.

"The truth is, I don't know what I will do without you. But for now, I find strength in giving you the best of me, and the only me that you deserve!" said Cain. "You are in my arms, my thoughts, my prayers and my heart everyday my princess. YOU'RE MY HERO! DADDY LOVES YOU!"

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