The vaccine will save mankind from all of the zits

Before numerous victims of acne and acne there is hope. Scientists working on a vaccine that will make the skin clean forever.

Millions of people around the world suffer from different kinds of skin rashes ranging from small pimples to serious acne. Daily to purchase a variety of anti – acne spent hundreds of millions of dollars. And now scientists have begun to develop a vaccinethat can leave not a lot of manufacturers all lotions and creams. Theoretically, this drug should initially get rid of any blemishes. The vaccine targets the skin bacteria that cause the formation of acne.

Scientists from the University of California failed to detect antibodies to the toxins that these bacteria secrete. They can help much to reduce the level of inflammation. In other words, the vaccine will block the bacteria that cause acne. Currently, scientists are preparing for a large-scale clinical studies, because the potential sales of these vaccines izmeryaetsya hundreds of millions of people suffering from pimples and acne. For many of them the available means of treatment are ineffective, and some people cannot tolerate the side effects.

Magicforum recalls that acne and acne faced up to 85% of adolescents and 40% adults. Despite the huge variety of means to care for the skin, any really effective for all drugs has not yet appeared. That’s why humanity needs safe and effective therapies. (READ MORE)