Baths for weight loss at home

Reinforced sport, movement and food restrictions – these methods align the shapes in the best form known to many. But baths for weight loss at home will allow you to become slimmer without exercise and starvation. A way to remove excess volume seems perfect. He embodies the dream of millions of fat people – nothing to do but lose weight. Instead of consciously efforts, you can just relax. Subcutaneous fat will melt itself, from the action of water with dissolved active components. Magicforum decided to find out how to lose weight at home with bath.

To assign the task of ridding the waist from dozens of extra inches on only one bathing is unlikely. Although, for the skin is useful in any case. Those who are convinced of the artificiality of the effect of such baths, it is possible to give an example of the opposite. Unless, of course, believe the experiment conducted in one of the shows. The young girl weighed before and after taking baths with salt and soda. After the water treatment the body weight of the participant experience has decreased by almost pounds.

Admission rules for pet baths for weight loss

How to take a bath for weight loss at home? Compliance with the standard rules of taking baths for weight loss will require considerable patience and perseverance. Will need at least 10 regular sessions of these procedures with regularity every 2 or 3 days. If you skip bathing, the effect can manifest itself much weaker than desired. At the same time, starting with less time spent in the water, it is gradually increasing.

You can find the multicomponent bath for added features or simpler. In any case, be sure to be sure that contained in the recipe substances you are not having any allergic reactions. If you have any chronic diseases, such water treatment may also be contraindicated. Having health problems before starting the diet you should consult with your doctor. Prohibited procedures with mastitis, presence of inflammation or neoplastic processes, heart disease and other health problems. To refrain from such baths it is necessary during menstruation or menopausal symptoms.

If there are no contraindications, then a taking bath for weight loss at home should be limited to twenty minutes. Two hours before and after the procedure it is advisable to take food. And the water temperature should not do too high, otherwise a chance of faintness or even loss of consciousness. The optimum figure of 38 °C. If you do not follow these simple rules, instead use can harm your health, because some components are very active on the skin and the fat beneath it.

These tubs will help to lose weight at home

Not every tub will help to lose weight. You need to know what compounds produce the desired effect. The easiest options are to use all of us are familiar components that have almost every housewife in the house. The first is baking soda. One bath is added 200 g of the substance. Moreover, it is better soda, pre-dissolved in a small volume of water, and then pour it into the bathroom and stir thoroughly.

Besides the promised weight loss soda bath will remove nervous and muscular tension, promote elimination of excessive dryness of the skin, and improve the lymphatic system of the body.

The second easiest way to clean up the figure – bathing with salt. You can use regular table that goes into the food. But, it is better to buy at the pharmacy or store sea salt, especially with the addition of some minerals, oils or plant extracts. For a full bath you will need 0.5 kg of salt, which you can just pour in the water and a good stir there.

Salt promotes the excretion of subcutaneous tissue of excess fluid. To the epidermis increases blood flow, it removes harmful toxins, and nutrition improves. Good such procedures in the fight against cellulite. They will improve the condition of nails. However, with salt baths need to be especially careful in the presence of vascular problems. Hot salt water can give a serious strain on the heart.

Aromatherapist recommend hot baths with essential oils becoming slimmer and forget about the “orange peel”. To do this optimally suitable esters of cedar, juniper, geranium, some citrus (orange, grapefruit, lemon, Mandarin), etc. Even better use a mix of aromatic components by adding each pair of triple drops.

Many oils are soluble. Therefore, they do not drip directly into the water, and pre-stirred in a Cup of sour cream, milk, or cream. And already it is poured into water, per bath. Effect of essential oils makes the skin supple and more smooth, remove toxins and reduce body fat.

Good effect in the field of weight loss can show you bath with the addition of turpentine. This substance is obtained by processing turpentine (resin of coniferous trees), can be purchased at the pharmacy, in the form of an emulsion. Checking the means for the presence of allergens (studying the composition and instructions for use), you can take a turpentine bath. Added the recommended amount of medicine.

It should be noted that the turpentine used is different, depending on the type of blood pressure of the person. High blood pressure suitable yellow turpentine. And people with normal or slightly reduced pressure is recommended to use white.

In recipes baths for weight loss can include different components. For example, wine or extracts of grape seed, lime or pine broth, mustard mortar, etc. it is believed that any added funds, the effect can be enhanced, massaging the problem areas or the whole body, while lying in the bathtub. And after the water treatment it is necessary to wrap yourself in a warm towel and allow yourself to relax.

At the same time, it is also important to follow all the safety rules. If you suddenly feel unwell while taking baths, then you should immediately stop taking.

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