Lost in Alzheimer’s disease, memory learn to recover

Scientists from India (Department of molecular biology and genetics Centre for advanced scientific research Jawaharlal Nehru) successfully conducted experiment, the result of which can be a real breakthrough in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. The researchers were able to create a molecule with which they were able to fully restore long-term memory is suffering from Alzheimer’s mice.

Special therapeutic molecule, synthesized in the laboratory, as explained by scientists, promotes the formation of new nerve cells. Such neurogenesis is possible due to the fact that under the influence of molecules activated by certain genes.

In preliminary experiments, the scientists created a molecule that could improve memory in healthy rodents. After this success it was decided to test know-how on mice with Alzheimer’s disease. Tests have shown that the molecule “turns on” patients mice two enzyme responsible for the production of new neurons.

While the tests confirmed the ability of a molecule to restore the memory is only at an early stage of the disease. But experts admit that the new molecule will be able to slow down the deterioration in cognitive functions, patients Alzheimer’s and improve the condition.

Earlier Magicforum wrote that scientists had proved the ability of neurons to recover even at a later age.