Nine hunters, probably with a plague of rabbits infected – the disease can also be dangerous for people

Eight rabbits, the hunters had on the 27. October shot. Well one of them got infected eight men, who had at the time of evisceration and packing of contact with the animals. A ninth hunter was believed to have been his dog. First of all, The new day had reported””.

Medically, you should still speak of a suspected rabbit fever, as antibodies may only be after a few days, detected in the blood. It was but with “outstanding high probability” of the disease, said Prechtl.

Rabbit fever: symptoms of a severe flu

Rabbit fever is usually transmitted from animal to animal or from animal to person. It is to recognize when people are difficult, because the symptoms resemble those of a severe flu: pain in the limbs, swelling of the lymph nodes and loss of appetite were among them, said Prechtl. Quickly, the Bunny was detected the pest but good to deal with.

Eight hunters were at the 4. November, to the hospital of the ninth came, last Tuesday. The fact that all the men had similar symptoms, and hardened plague-suspected Rabbit. This Thursday, the Sick are to give again blood samples.

Prechtl appealed to hunters, when in contact with animals to wear gloves and mouth protection. Pedestrians are not endangered, as long as they were of unusually friendly animals.