Kitchen and weight: how to arrange the space to lose weight

Studies show the right atmosphere in the kitchen instilling healthy eating habits and helps to lose weight. Talk about six tricks that will help you to build a diet “Feng Shui”.

1. Remove all the excess and leave a fruit basket

Proved any confusion provokes stress. But if you are experiencing anxiety in the kitchen, you can begin to jam. So place your order and put all the trash.

And then put the fruit in a prominent place. The famous American doctor Brian Vansink in 2016 conducted a study: found that people who keep a fruit basket on the kitchen table, rarely suffer from excess weight.

2. Simplify the cooking process

Want to cook more healthy and low-calorie dishes? Create the conditions for this:

  • Keep pots, pans and bowls for cooking at hand. Don’t put them on the farthest shelf in the pantry, otherwise it will be harder to make myself get them and start cooking.
  • Place the spice rack in alphabetical order. This will greatly simplify the process of finding the Basilica among dozens of similar bags.
  • Place in the books with the attractive, but simple recipes. Or download them from the Internet and print.

3. Put healthy foods in clear containers and store them at eye level

Dr. Vansink in his book “Slim by design” writes: “You are 3 times more likely to eat foods that first caught the eye, compared to those that came fifth”. So put healthy food in the most prominent place. Best of all – at eye level.

4. Hide all the unhealthy calories

The right to saying “out of sight, out of mind”. Collect all candies and cakes, and put them in the farthest corner. Do not promise that this will save you from the habit of snacking anything, but next time will you at least think twice before to do it.

5. Replenish supplies…

In the refrigerator mouse hanged himself? Then you’re more likely to order sushi or run to the store for chips then get inspired to cook. Time to replenish the stock of products from which you can quickly cook something delicious and easy.

6. But don’t fill the fridge to capacity

Studies of the same Dr. Wansink have shown that when people buy products in bulk, they eat up their supplies twice as fast than usual. Maintain balance: don’t let the cupboards to empty, but does not accumulate food for the whole village.

Thanks to these techniques, the cuisine of the enemy will become an ally in the struggle for a healthy lean body. Just do not overdo it with the passion for healthy food, otherwise you risk to get a real mental disorder. Details – in the article “Ortoreksiya – when proper nutrition becomes a disease”.