Chills? What the Symptom may indicate

The cold feeling appears out of nowhere. The Chill runs through the body and spreads to the limbs. Finally, the Shaking begins, and the whole body trembles, and often the jaw muscles with. Then it comes to the famous gnashing of teeth.

Everyone is expected to know the unpleasant feeling of the chill frost. The Symptom is relatively common, is often accompanied with fever and suggests that, in principle, to infection. Often this is of a bacterial infection. But also in viral-related diseases such as a flu or a common cold can cause chills.

So chills arises

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So unpleasant a chills may also be: For the body the Symptom is an aid to self-help and the prevention of disease serves as a pathogen. Responsible for a part of the area of the brain called the Hypothalamus. He is the heat regulation center of the body and controls the heat output and heat production. In the ideal case, the temperature is set to the value of the body is approximately 37 degrees Celsius, which corresponds to the normal body temperature. The Hypothalamus checks whether this value is observed.

In exceptional cases, our control centre to boost the temperature setpoint, such as in the case of infections or other inflammations. The Hypothalamus is the body then the command to produce more heat. This happens due to increased metabolism or more muscle work. At the same time the heat output is reduced, the blood vessels. It is less heat is lost through the skin.

The chills is, therefore, the body’s response to the command of the Hypothalamus: “The heat must be produced quickly, please!” The increased temperature helps pathogens to fend off. Viruses, bacteria, and other invaders are adapted to the normal body temperature of around 37 degrees Celsius. Higher temperatures get, on the other hand not so good.

Possible causes of chills

Infectious diseases

Flu or cold? These symptoms tell you

Chills is a common, often harmless Symptom of infections. In combination with a pronounced feeling of illness, however, should be a doctor consulted. This is particularly true in the case of persistent and/or high fever and other signs of disease such as diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain and skin rash. Red skin, hot and pain, suggest a bacterial infection of the skin called erysipelas. Also you can trigger chills.

According to the portal “internists in the network”, which is published by the professional Association of German internists, can chills be a Symptom of more severe disorders, including:

In particular, after returning from tropical areas, the physician should exclude to possibility of an infection with the Malaria or anthrax. Also poisoning, heat stroke, Tetanus, or allergic reactions are suitable as the trigger of chills. In some cases, chills occurs without an underlying disease, such as in the case of very low temperatures in the Winter. The shivering is a natural reaction of the body to generate heat.

Therapy in chills

The chills accompanying symptom of an infection, the therapy is determined by the nature of the disease. Bacteria have entered the body, the doctor will prescribe an antibiotic, the pathogens are fought. In the case of viral-related diseases, antibiotics are ineffective.

Often chills will disappear even without therapy. Anyone who wants to, can support the body in the production of heat: with warm Blankets, conservation, peace and a Cup of tea. Fever, for example, with a cooling envelopes, and a calf wrap regulate.

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