Drew Scott Waves Goodbye to His 'Last Clean Shirt' in This All-too-Relatable Parenting Moment

Drew Scott and Linda Phan’s son Parker James had a creative way of “sharing his love” in the past, and this time, he ended up showing his “love” in a whole other way parents are all too familiar with.  On Sept 10, Scott posted an all-too-relatable parenting moment on his Instagram with the caption, “Well, there goes my last clean shirt 😩.”


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In the photo, we see Scott holding his and Phan’s newborn son Parker James in his arms, in a tight swaddle on his right side, while the barf covers his red shirt on his left side. In the blurry photo, we can tell his mind is going a million miles an hour while he’s trying to comfort his son and wonder how he can survive with his last shirt being covered in barf. We’ve all been there.

Now, his comment section was full of supportive comments like “Every shirt I owned from 1999 and 2002 was ruined. It is a Dad’s destiny” and “You’re NAILIN’ this dad thing 👏❤️.”

Scott and Phan have been giving updates here and there on their son Parker James, whom they welcomed back in May. After over a decade together, Drew and Phan welcomed their son specifically on a very special date: their fourth wedding anniversary. The loving couple confirmed it on their popular At Home podcast, saying, “Parker decided to come very efficiently on our anniversary. He’s stealing the show. It’s no longer about you and me on our anniversary,” Drew joked to Phan.

This came after they struggled with infertility, having a failed few rounds of IVF, as they told Reveal, a quarterly lifestyle magazine from Scott and his brother Jonathan. “Not getting pregnant right away was a wake-up call for both of us,” the duo said. “As much as we tried to, we could not DIY this one! Like any big project, you have to put together the right team. Aside from the healthcare pros we’ve been so fortunate to work with, we also count our blessings that our family and friends have been a support throughout this whole adventure.”

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