When back pain, a visit to the doctor is advisable

In most cases, back pain will go after a few days in the past. However, not every back pain is harmless, the complaints last longer than three days, is a visit to the doctor is useful.

Acute back pain can limit everyday life extremely. Nevertheless, it is not in any acute pain symptom needed to see a doctor. Tension or stiffness in the back muscles to trigger, for example, severe pain, which disappear, however, with some measures to help themselves relatively quickly. Movement, gentle Exercises to strengthen the back muscles and massages that loosen tense tissues, and help to alleviate the back pain.

But also, if it is probably harmless symptoms should not be ignored the pain. Mild painkillers are not allowed and even useful, so that the back goes into a posture and & causes pain & other chronic expectant.

About the expert

Tobias Weigl is a physician, pain expert and Director of the medical technology company Bomedus GmbH.

Back pain: After 2 to 3 days to see a doctor

Occurs, however, there is no improvement, though the pain, heat, and massage or liniments to be made, it should immediately consult your doctor. As a rule of thumb, a period of two to three days, the following applies: a result at this time there is no improvement and have been added may also have other symptoms such as loss of appetite or fever, a visit to the doctor is inevitable.

A visit to the doctor for acute back different purposes can be a pain. It is in fact only a harmless complaints, the doctor prescribes a pain-relieving drug, a massage, or sessions with the physiotherapist, in order to make the back again active and healthy. Be acute back pain in a targeted and treated quickly, it can be prevented in many cases, moreover, a chronification of the pain.