Study takes major step in pursuit of HIV cure

For around 40 years, scientists all over the world have been unsuccessfully trying to find a cure for HIV, but now a team of researchers from Aarhus University and Aarhus University Hospital have apparently found an important element in the equation.

So says Dr. Ole Schmeltz Søgaard, Professor of Translational Viral Research at Aarhus University, who is the senior author of an innovative study that has just been published in the journal Nature Medicine.

“This study is one of the first to be carried out on human beings in which we have demonstrated a way to strengthen the body’s own ability to fight HIV — even when today’s standard treatment is paused. We thus regard the study as an important step in the direction of a cure,” he says.

The study was conducted in close collaboration with researchers from the UK, USA, Spain and Canada.

Virus in hiding

While it has not been possible to find a cure for or a protective vaccine against HIV, today’s standard treatment is very effective at keeping the disease at bay.

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