Inhalation of vitamins called meaningless zanyatiem

Today we can breathe vitamins, but is it worth doing? Experts warn that inhaling the beneficial nutrients is not only pointless, but dangerous.

For a long time mankind received all required vitamins with food. Then came the turn of food additives in the form of capsules, which contain a variety of vitamins and minerals, and combinations thereof. And now producers of electronic cigarettes produced similar to these devices are gadgets that are intended for inhalation of vapour containing vitamins. They are liquid, are exposed to the heating secrete steam, but only it contains no nicotine and flavorings, as in traditional e cigarettes, and vitamins like B12.

Experts warn that inhaling vitamins – obviously not the best way to provide our body with all necessary nutrients. Furthermore, the elimination of nicotine from e-liquids does not make them safe for health. The sad irony sounds a warning that inhalation of the vapor of vitamins can increase the risk of lung cancer.

“You can achieve a slight passive absorption of vitamins by the lungs, but you will not be able to absorb so fat or water soluble vitamins, says Professor in the field of nutritionists University of new York Charles Muller. – It just will not happen. This process will prevent the physiology. The shell of the gastrointestinal tract and lungs is a very complex surface of the skin. Gastrointestinal tract passes nutrients and water, but nothing more. Light flow of CO2 and oxygen, and nothing more. Therefore, the inhalation of vapor with vitamins, which falls only in light and looks absolutely pointless, if not harmful.” (READ MORE)