Man takes conventional nutritional supplements – it costs him the life of

Jim McCants ‘ from Prosper at Dallas swallowed a dietary Supplement, to do something Good for his health. A little later, the Doctors told him that he only had a few days to live, if he would not undergo a complicated treatment. Blame the seemingly harmless pills. it is freely available in the trade.

On the day of the high school diploma of his son four years ago, noted Jim mccants ‘ wife, that something was wrong with her husband. “They asked me: are you okay?”, told McCants ‘ to “BBC”. As his wife pointed replied in the affirmative and said that he was feeling fine, that his face and even his eyes were colored yellow. “I was shocked, looked in the mirror,” recalls the 50-Year-old.

He was frightened all the more so, since he had started shortly before, to pay particular attention to his life style. He’s lost weight, more exercise and healthy food. Due to his condition, he came to the hospital, where liver damage was diagnosed.

To live only a few days still

After the Doctors have ruled out alcohol and drugs as a cause, advanced ordinary food supplements, which are available everywhere, the focus of the physicians. He had started two to three months previously, green tea capsules to swallow a dietary Supplement to support his new life style. But it is precisely this seemingly harmless media had damaged his body severely.

After a few blood tests, the Doctors told him that he would need a liver transplant. And fast. Because if he would not immediately receive a new liver, he would not even live a week.

His life has changed forever

McCants ‘ was lucky. Just a day after the shock news has found a matching liver for him, which saved his life. Completely healthy, will not be the Year of the 50-but probably. Since the incident, his kidney is damaged and he may in future be dependent on a dialysis. In addition, he still suffers from chronic pain, forcing him to work exclusively from home.

Against the manufacturer of the green tea capsules, “Vitacost”, mccants ‘ currently in court. “I hope that it is decided that a clearly visible warning on the packaging and on the site must be placed, the people are informed before buying”, so the Patient. The manufacturers themselves do not wish to comment on the specific case, and was only able to take the safety of our products very seriously.

Normal vitamins can be for every to the real danger

A survey by the consumer Association showed that more than a third of the German food take a Supplement. Many supplements, which are freely negotiable, however, are more harmful than healthy.

This is because they are often dosed too high. Who swallows, for example, Vitamin C supplements, you risk kidney stones and digestive disorders. To high-dose Vitamin E may interfere, however, coagulation of the blood and even prostate cancer in men favor.

Anyone who resorts to nutritional supplements, should previously inform extensively about the respective effects and the dosage with a doctor to prevent long-term damage.