The IVF procedure and possible complications to your body

A woman who consents to artificial insemination, realizes that she is risking their health. Despite this, many couples accept IVF, the consequences of which may affect the future of women’s life in different ways.According to statistics, in 30% of cases of carrying out in vitro fertilization (in vitro) pregnancy. The IVF procedure, despite its widespread prevalence, has acquired a large number of myths. Let’s discuss where the real threat is, and where the far-fetched risk.


What is in vitro fertilization ?

Should be a little megabits in the history of the origin of the term.IVF or in vitro fertilization is the fertilization of an egg by a sperm outside the female body. The egg is fertilized in a special test tube.First technology ECO used gynecologist Patrick steptow and embryologist Robert Edwards in 1977. Later, Edwards received the Nobel prize and in vitro fertilization began to spread around the world, thus giving hope to infertile couples.

This method is not for every woman, before taking such a serious step and expose your body to such stress, we need to have a good problems with health.Take advantage of ECO the following diseases and pathologies:

  • Endometriosis
  • Dysfunction of the hormonal system
  • Violations of the fallopian tubes
  • Acquired and congenital abnormalities of the reproductive system
  • The futility partner
  • Lack of ovulation

How is ECHO?

The essence is that after the preliminary procedures in a woman’s uterus, the embryo is placed. The procedure involves several stages of treatment:

  • in women causing a temporary menopause;
  • is enhanced stimulation of the functioning of the ovaries (ohss);
  • is puncture, which of the follicles of the ovaries;
  • the transfer of embryos into the uterine cavity;
  • pregnancy;
  • childbirth;
  • the postpartum period

Complications after IVF

Why do complications arise? The fact is that at a certain stage of preparing the body for IVF, the woman takes a huge amount of hormones.Hyperstimulation hits hardest at the female body. Hormonal agents that are prescribed to the patient during this period, very strong. They cause hyperstimulation of the ovaries to timoprazole as many eggs.

Everyone understands that it can not go unnoticed. But for women, it is important to become a mother and for this she is ready to pass all the tests and threats to health. So, what’s the price for wanting to have a baby?

Problems with the thyroid

Thyroid, large load, often can’t cope with the amount of hormones that begins to take the woman during IVF. Definitely proberesponse delivery, in order to carry out treatment if required.


Diseases of the myocardium, in which heart muscle is structurally and functionally altered. As you know, intake of estrogens, which are always prescribed for artificial insemination has an impact on the permeability of blood vessels. This leads to a weakening of the heart muscle.

Early menopause

After the birth of a child conceived by artificial means, a woman affected by early menopause and all its symptoms: nausea, mood swings, insomnia, spikes in blood pressure, hot flushes. It depends on the individual characteristics of women, at times, sannicolas it was a false alarm. Ie, a temporary phenomenon, until the full restoration of the body.

The risk of cancer
Oncology is not directly related to IVF.Eprocedure ovarian hyperstimulation may be one of the factors provoking the onset or progression of the disease, if you have it have a predisposition. Therefore, it is reinsurance, and get tested for tumor markers before beginning the IVF procedure.


During Ecoprocura can cause bleeding. Of course, such cases is a rarity, but the risk to acquire at least the anemia is still present.


In vitro fertilization is always a serious physical and psihologicheskimi. To ECO resort couples who for several years trying to have children. Because the procedure does not give a 100% guarantee, the woman and the man are in constant expectation of a successful outcome,the stress that can lead to the appearance of the signs depressiyu the event of another failure.

As you can see, the threat of the birth of a child by IVF is there and you need to be prepared for possible complications, because to deny the strain on the body during this period is pointless.

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But what about the myths?

It’s fair to say that around IVF hovers a lot of horror stories, who often do not have evidence. The most popular myths are :

ECO only make women age

Unfortunately, or fortunately, that’s not true. The number of infertile young men from 23 to 35 years increases. And if before this problem belonged to the older generations, but now the virus infects many.However,the current limitations are that IVF is the only women of reproductive age. Reproductive age fits into the framework 45. Sometimes under certain circumstances it is possible to do IVF and later to 50, but here there are large medical complexity and detail.

Children of the tubes is very weak and painful

If you think about it logically,the embryologist can not affect the process of fertilization of the embryo, as well as on the process of attaching it in the uterine cavity. All quality processes that are responsible for the health of the child, still do not occur under medical supervision all is controlled by nature. Conclusion: any child can be born weak and sickly, it does not depend from the tube, or not.

When EKO is sure to be a multiple pregnancy

The twins are only in 10% of cases. Often implanted two embryos, reasons, that one needs to settle down.More than 2 embryos are transferred extremely rare, rather, it is the exception to the rule. Where did the tradition to transfer 2 embryos? This information was taken for granted, when calculated the effective performance of ECO and found that ceteris paribus in those groups, where they transferred 2 embryos women get pregnant in 2 times more often with at least one fetus.

IVF painful

The procedure itself is placed in 10-15 days.Tehnicheskaja, the maximum number of visits 4-5. It all happens in the first phase of the menstrual cycle of women, reinforced in the natural course of events. The feelings depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, but severe pain is not provided.

After IVF natural pregnancy does not occur

Atoneplace.Hormonal balance does not suffer and will be able to get pregnant without IVF.

Need 2-3 attempts to get pregnant by IVF

There is a direct relation to the capabilities and reserves of the woman’s body.Age, of course, sasiprapa: the older a woman is, the less the performance of ECO. But, at a young age, you can get pregnant on the first try.

Does IVF affect the babies?

You can often hear that children are born thus, often suffer from cancer are prone to depression themselves in the future are fruitless. All this is only speculation, which do not have the facts.Of course, they differ, because militarymilitary for their parents. This is the main difference. Otherwise, as experience shows, children from a test tube is no different from their peers.The harm this procedure is not fully understood, but it is known that a large number of hormones that have to take the woman in IVF, does not go unnoticed. Therefore, EKO definitely affects the health of the mother, and the child often is born healthy and full of energy.


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