Rates under 50 percent: These vaccinations should also have adults

The Vaccination of German children, has back-to-School ‘massive gaps”, caused indignation. But not only children essential vaccinations missing – adults sometimes have much larger deficits. FOCUS Online explains what vaccinations you should have.

In Germany, there are larger gaps, such as an analysis of the Barmer Krankenkass has shown. The Fund has examined, among other things, for around 45,700 school beginners who have been insured in 2017, in the case of your billing data. After that, none of the major infectious disease such as measles, Mumps or rubella were immunized with sufficient children. The vaccination rates were according to the cashier is consistently under 90 percent. It was alarming, said the Barmer-chief Executive Christoph Straub. Because for a protective effect in the company’s immunisation rates of at least 95 percent would be necessary.

Even adults are not adequately immunized

However, not only children, even adults are encouraged to provide sufficient protection. In 2013, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and the Federal Ministry of health levied to Pay for the vaccination status of adults. To Tetanus also, these Numbers were consistently below 90 percent.

Against measles, Mumps, rubella, and pneumococcus, every second German was not even vaccinated. The immunization protects the Affected before the onset of the respective disease. At the same time it is also a protection for the people around you. That is because it helps of diseases and to eradicate or reduce by fewer infection, the duration of the outbreaks.

These vaccinations should adults and refresh

Which vaccinations already exist and which are absolutely necessary, many people are, however, a mystery. The RKI has established a Commission, the citizens offering help. The Standing Committee on vaccination (Stiko) not only gives recommendations for standard vaccinations for people of all ages, but also recommendations for people in need because of their Constitution or of their profession special vaccinations. All recommendations are holding the Stiko in the so-called “immunization schedule”. The shows, for whom, when and which vaccination is out of the question. Adults should pay attention, therefore, on the following Vaccinations:

Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis

Also, who as a child against Tetanus, diphtheria and Pertussis (whooping cough) reason was immunized, the vaccination as an adult to refresh. Who didn’t get it at all, it should do according to the Stiko in any case. Tetanus you must generally every ten years to refresh.


Poliomyelitis, in short Polio, is in the vernacular rather than “polio” known. Only about 85 percent of adults were vaccinated in the year 2013 against. The polio virus transmitted paralysis can hit adults just as children. The last case in Germany was registered already in 1990 – what is sure to be a success of the vaccinations. Nevertheless, the RKI and Stiko recommend today a vaccination in adulthood.

Measles, Mumps, Rubella

Measles is considered one of the most contagious diseases in the world. Recently, it came to an increase in outbreaks, among other things, in New York. But also in Canada, new Zealand and Germany reported numbers 2019 high Contagion.

A protection would be so easy: By a primary vaccination course in infancy, for this purpose, two injections within a year are necessary. Or as a Once-prick for adults. Adults, the RKI recommends a combined “MMR”, i.e., measles-Mumps-rubella vaccine. Who was vaccinated as a child only once against measles, Mumps and rubella, should get as an adult, the combined vaccine also.

Rubella also play a big role for women with children desire: to Put a woman during pregnancy with the rubella virus, can carry the unborn child to great damage.


Who as a child was not a primary course of vaccination against pneumococcal disease has received, it must as an adult for the time being not to do that. Older people aged 60, the Stiko recommends vaccination but again, in the same way as people suffering from Diabetes or neurological diseases. For a disease with pneumococcus can even be fatal. Data from the RKI, according to about 5000 infections in Germany every year as the death.


Also vaccination against Influenza, so the vernacular “the flu”, is a standard vaccination for people aged 60 and over. You, the RKI recommends an annual refresher, since the viruses that cause the flu, can be any year other.

Other vaccinations, for example against early summer meningoencephalitis or Hepatitis A and B, recommends the RKI, especially people in high-risk areas or those with potential pathogens, for example, are exposed to professional particularly. All of the recommendations you find on the sides of the Standing Committee on vaccination.

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