Hot flushes in the menopause: What do women

More and more women in menopause without hormone replacement, a study by the techniker Krankenkasse. Only about one out of every 15. a hormone takes preparation – in the year 2000, it was still every 10. Woman. For some women, natural means to help against symptoms such as hot flashes.

Sometimes the Phase starts earlier, sometimes later, but between early 40’s to late 50’s the menopause for all women is a topic. What does it mean when the hormone situation, surrounded, what are the side effects of the body and Psyche, can be individually difficult to predict.

Especially since there is not, according to a study at the University hospital of Dresden, the menopause as a serious health disorder. The only exception is hot flushes. “In addition, around two-thirds complain actually, of my patients, in turn, half of it feels very affected,” says the Munich-based gynecologist Ute Bullemer. It explains how you can get these well under control.

How are the hot flashes, anyway?

The pituitary gland produces the follicle stimuliernede hormone FSH, which stimulates the ovarian tissue to produce Estrogen. But at some point the stock is exhausted and the ovaries do not produce hormones anymore. Quasi to encourage this, the perspectives of the body, however, more and more FSH.

The hormone acts on the far position of the containers and ensures a feeling of heat and sweating. To the Hinranhangdrüse understand it, that nothing more does, and also the FSH is regulated, it will take some time. In some women this can be done in a few weeks, others struggle for many years.

Excessive sweating is not a concern?

It is certainly not dangerous, but it’s simply a burden. To me, however, it is also important to talk with the patients that it is important, with what attitude you approach a topic. It takes him often to the horror. The period bleeding is many years in the life of a woman is a sign of fertility, she also has a Take – out and cleaning function. The bleeding from the remains, the body is a different valve, for example of the sweating. It is important to explain to the women, then you are also much more positive.

When and how to enter hot flashes?

This is individually very different. Some women suffer from relapses during daytime hours only, some only at night. Others, again, regardless of the time of day, every 30 minutes, a fierce sweat and soaking wet. This can be very stressful, even if you Wake up from the flashes and the sleep suffers. Side effects such as heart palpitations, dizziness, shortness of breath or anxiety can occur.

How can you mitigate the symptoms?

There are different possibilities, depending on the strength of symptoms, or depending on whether a woman wants to take hormones or not. The classic “school medical” solution hormone preparations, which have a different concentration of Estrogens and progesterone. Particularly fine, you can vote, if applied by using a gel or a cream on the skin. A further advantage is that these transdermal active substances act on the liver less.

What do you recommend to women who want to take any hormones?

There are many who say they want something “natural”. This is very varied, with hormone Yoga, body exercises, combined with breathing, as well as practices from Traditional Chinese medicine can be very effective. I have had very good experiences with herbal medicine and homeopathy.

What herbal remedies are there which are helpful?

From research, we know that some plants contain so-called phytoestrogens, a mild oestrogen-like effect. This includes black cohosh, red clover, Siberian rhubarb root. There are a number of very well-tolerated drugs, the choice of the woman doctor or a woman doctor helps. A little patience is needed, the agents have a lead time of about four weeks. As long as you have to wait, until you feel a change.

Can help homeopathy?

Medicinal substances, such as Sepia, Pulsatilla, sulphur, Lachesis, or Cimicifuga in ‘women’s suffering’. Who would like to try to alleviate his Suffering with homeopathic remedies, can aufzuchen a doctor with additional training in homeopathy. To find the right remedy for you, he will watch your symptoms carefully, for example, exactly where you sweat, whether on the forehead, in the neck or under the armpits, and whether the hot flash, the face is red or not, and whether physical activity modified the complaints, to name just a few examples.

Homeopathy – effective, method of healing, or a pure Placebo?

In homeopathy, are the ghosts again and again: it Is an effective medicine and is based on your success solely on the Placebo effect? The dispute is a religious war. On the one hand-oriented physician, the only methods of success measurement are scientific and provable. On the other hand, representatives of the homeopathy references to many observable therapeutic success to patients and a large following.

Homeopathy is not a recognised science. Rational method will not be explained, which sets up recognition of diluted active ingredients, the essence of a person in the choice and terms are used that do not occur in the school of medicine. Nevertheless, classically trained Physicians of the many patients popular homeopathy is becoming increasingly open. Around 7000 of them have a homeopathic training.

Because the fact is: Many people swear by the use of Pessaries. The majority of Germans seems to be convinced that to you in homeopathic treatments to help, such as a study by the Bertelsmann Foundation and Barmer GEK. Of the nearly 7,000 respondents, more than 80 percent said that they have improved it a homeopathic treatment. Other research shows that every second German has used medicine balls.