Erotomania: love as a mental disorder

Not always the phrase “crazy love” is just a hackneyed metaphor. Tell when you can let go of a lover to write poems and sing serenades, and when to call the paramedics.

Diagnosis: erotomania

At the beginning of the last century, the famous French psychiatrist Gaetan de clerambault described the first clinical case of erotomania: an elderly French woman believed that in love with her English king George V. moreover, pyatidesyatiletiya woman was sure about his feelings known all over England. Evidence served it… the blinds in the carriage. The unhappy monarch was tracking close to Buckingham Palace and when he raised or lowered the curtains, took it for a love letter.

So there is erotomania – a mental disorder in which the patient is convinced he is someone in love. And this belief is completely unfounded: the object of sympathy might not even suspect the existence of the patient. As a rule, it is a celebrity or just a person with a higher social status. A sex addict in all its movements sees secret signs of recognition in love.

Syndrome Of Adele

It is believed that erotomania suffered Adele Hugo, youngest daughter of the famous writer. At age 31 she met an English officer albert Pinson and decided that this is her fate. The woman followed the elect everywhere, paid his debts and convince everyone that they’re married. It didn’t confuse neither the failure nor neglect, nor even the marriage of albert on the other.

At the age of 90, she died in a psychiatric hospital: she was unable to forget his chosen. Her last words were about Alberta.

Now, “Adele syndrome” is a separate diagnosis, a kind of erotomania. Psychiatrists put it to those who are feeling huge, devastating unrequited love.

The dangerous erotomania

The symptoms look quite innocent and even romantic, but in fact, this disorder is no less dangerous than any other mental illness. The patient constantly harass the victim, developing a plan, looking for ways of rapprochement. He is 100% confident in the reciprocity of their feelings, so it does not stop any failures. Even if you write a statement to the police, the sex addict decides that you just for something to punish him.

If the object of fascination is not responding for a long time, the phase of hopes may be replaced by a phase of resentment. The patient progresses to more dangerous measures. Crazy idea deprives a person of common sense: he can kidnap the victim, beating her partner, etc. Sometimes attempts to converge may cause harm even to complete strangers: in 1981, John Hinckley attempted to kill Ronald Reagan. So he tried to attract the attention of Hollywood actress jodie foster, who previously did not even know of its existence.

The cure for love

Erotomania requires urgent psychiatric treatment. Psychiatrists associate it with diseases such as depression, anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, schizophrenia and psychosis. If the diagnosis is confirmed, the patient can prescribe psychotherapy, antidepressant or antipsychotic drugs. However, the forecasts are disappointing: the sex addict is unable to see that his beliefs are false, therefore, to achieve positive results is difficult.

How to distinguish love from the disease

A key symptom of erotomania is determined and delusional belief that the patient in love. If you notice this behavior from your loved one, immediately consult a doctor.

In psychiatry, pathological love – not with a strange case. There are people who passionately want to cut off your arm or leg. And there are those who believe that the end of the world a long time ago happened, and in the world of the living. Details – in the article “Top 5 most unusual mental disorders”.