Dying people are seen only as a Material

Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn would like to introduce in the GDR already valid-before-seen contradiction solution, so that the number of organ donations increases. He has made a tightrope. Without that it is politically desirable, will trigger this act, again, a debate on the Definition of brain death.

Biological and moral concerns

Some members of the German ethics Council presented its opinion, by 2015 the Position: “brain death is not a sufficient condition for the death of the people.” Since it was defined 50 years ago, there is also a scientific challenge to the brain death.

Self-advocates of transplantation medicine, as the Director of the Harvard Center for Bioethics, Robert Truog, and Bioethicist Franklin Miller of the National Institutes of Health, to speak openly what you are trying to conceal any advertising to organ donation, The brain death definition is no longer biologically sustain, even if it is the current legal requirement for organ recovery.

Brain-dead are not dead

Truog and Miller are calling for a removal of taboos of the medical killing of the prohibition. You openly speak of justified Killing (“justified killing”), in order to save the lives of other patients.

Brain-dead not to be interchangeable with the scientific methods of evidence, the philosophy, borrowed the term “dead Person” with a “still surviving the rest of the body” in two parts. The death is pinned on a single Organ, the brain, and the Die in its biological and social character of a process is denied.

The heart of brain-dead beats, your lungs breathe with technical assistance, digest, excrete, fight infections, and are cared for until her death, medically, fed and cared for.

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Patients respond to the removal of organs

We try to make an image of a organ donation: The body of the patient is opened with electrical cutting instruments, from the chest to the pubic bone. Then by rinsing the organs with a four degree cold, nutrient – and cooling liquid to decomposition processes bind to the collection.

Up to 75 percent of the brain-dead are still able to on this procedure with high in the shoulder or legs, pull, pinch, or sweating, skin redness, increased blood respond pressure and pulse. Often the pain, an Opioid may be administered, in any event, muscle-relaxing agents for the suppression of movements.

After the organ donor has assumed the appearance of a corpse with the classic death characters, can start with the removal of, for example, of the ossicles, trachea, bone or meniscus. It is not surprising that anaesthetists and nurses feel exposed to emotional stress, in the case of small children.

Dying can be regarded as a Material

The language of transplantation medicine, reveals what it’s about: to Be concealed in the touch of the killing taboos, and the body desecration by the term “organ donation,” brain-dead turn in the communication between the transplant officer and the Foundation of Eurotransplant in “organic deals”.

You disappear as a patient in a “donor Pool”. The talk is of a “heart-lung-package” or “living Cell”. Such terms allow a dying person, no more than that we belong to, but as something Alien, as a Material to appear.

Contrary to all of the palliative medical principles and the hospice thought this Reification of the family and friends takes every opportunity to accompany an organ donor when you Die and hold his Hand.