Could not imagine a life without alcohol – then I launched the self-test

The decisive Moment came after a total crash. Our author Timm Kruse woke up in bed next to a woman who appeared to him in a reasonably sober condition extremely repulsive. Here he tells how his decision to forego a year on alcohol, his life has changed.

The man on the plane who ordered next to me two Gin bottles and a can of Tonic Water. Departure time was 13.20. He doesn’t drink hectic, but with relish. He is about mid 40’s, athletic – a bit like me, only in fancy.

How normal is it to drink at lunchtime Gin? I’ve ordered a coffee and a Muffin – both of which are unhealthy and addictive. Also much too expensive. But I felt like these so-called stimulants. Just like my neighbor. When to win, the desire to have the upper hand? And when will these tobacco addictive?

From the desire became an Addiction

For the past four years, I don’t drink alcohol any more. The Addiction began as I started to lie and to hide. As I claimed, after the football is only a beer – and in truth, there were four. When I went to a Party at the Bar and a really strong Cuba Libre, my friends or my girlfriend ordered were able to see and exte without it.

I had to admit to myself that I couldn’t imagine a life without alcohol. Since the Lust had gained the upper hand and Looking transformed.

About the guest author

Timm Kruse was born in 1970 in Lippe-Detmold. He has language and literature studied in Saarbrücken, Germany, and Wolverhampton. Since 1997, he has been a television editor for NDR and ZDF. He also works for various German daily Newspapers.

My project: A year without alcohol

There have been several events that have led me to abstain from alcohol. The decisive Moment came after a total crash. I was landed with a woman in bed, the three nipples had a total of maximum repulsive looked like and even worse, smelled. Before it went right to the point, I came to my Senses and politely explained that I had made a mistake, got dressed and staggered out across the city home.

I was disgusted with myself. When I arrived home, I tried to sober up to have a shower, brushed my teeth and looked for a long time in the bathroom mirror. This Person was not me. In the mirror I looked at my aged, selfish Self. A Self that I had enough and I no longer wanted to be. At once I was completely sober and it was crystal clear: My life had to change now.

I didn’t want to do without forever, but only for a year, was because I could not imagine a life without alcohol. Alcohol is one of much in our society and in my life. For always – that was not conceivable.

My balance after the first month

As my first sober month at the end of tended, it was time for a first conclusion: The days were infinitely long, because I lost you to the night. In the morning at six o’clock I was wide awake, and fell asleep in the evening, at half past eleven. Initially, I had some minor problems, but in the meantime, I slept like a Baby.

In my party time, I slept restless and woke up often whacked in the middle of the night. Now, I was looking forward mostly to the next day – even if I knew at all, what should I do with him. But after all, there were days without a bad Conscience, without a hangover and a headache. Days, the started almost always with a clear and happy morning mood, I had almost forgotten.

Gone was the desire for Drink is by no means. It wasn’t like I was sitting trembling and bathed in sweat on the floor, irritated and aggressive, or cabinets and drawers looking for the saving drops by. It was more of the own distrust, that’s what made me prefer not to go out. I knew me and my strong sense of social being. If someone cries, I cry. If someone laughs, I laugh. And if someone is drinking – I drink.

We have a drinking problem in our society

It was only when I drank, I realized the disastrous Situation in our country: Jan Ullrich, Robert Atzorn, Peter Maffay or Katrin Sass are obviously addicted to alcohol. Ben Affleck, Brad Pitt, Charlie Sheen and Drew Barrymore are not able to handle the stuff reasonably. Harald Juhnke, Whitney Houston and Anna Nicole Smith have drunk even to death.

In addition to Thousands of celebrities, there are according to the German centre for addiction issues tens of millions of Germans who have an acute alcohol Problem. One in every six adults – and nobody talks about it. The issue comes up only briefly, when a celebrity crashes – as Jan Ullrich. If so, a crash in our circle of friends happens, silence.

Alcohol is considered a cultural asset

In any other Western European country, alcohol is so cheap. Only in Germany, this stuff can be purchased around the clock that can almost be fully advertised and enjoys unconditional recognition. We Germans even believe that alcohol is a cultural asset, except if one pours too much culture in. It will then find all of the terribly – but all drink.

The few voices in our country, the denounce to the public, and how insanely much we drink, how to go overboard with the Booze-System is and how broken millions of people, therefore, remain almost unheard of. You will even be insulted as a buzzkill. It all seem to agree that a politician’s drink to people of solid wheat beer, wine, and liquor, and the people propose a toast. That all sports associations are supported by alcohol producers; of a drink that brings a Sport not a better performance.

From one year, four were

Meanwhile, I haven’t had a drink in four years. Today I know: blame the endorphins. Of the feeling of this cause, we will all sooner or later. To produce these happiness hormones in the body, you have to make something you will be rewarded. The alcohol gives the drinker this wonderful feeling, without which he had to do something – to run except the glass to the mouth.

I feel for the first time as an adult man regularly unfounded happiness in life. It comes over me sometimes, makes my body a rest and then disappears again. The feeling is very fine and can probably be only felt when one leads a quiet, healthy life.

Basic-free happiness, the greatest gift of my fasting one is for me.

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