Anal hygiene: Dear Po-shower as a toilet paper? What you should know

Excessive Smoothing and the wrong toilet paper can lead to skin irritation on the Butt and even trigger diseases. An expert explains what is one of real anal care, whether buttocks showers are the better Alternative to toilet paper and go for what changes you to a specialist.

If you have problems in the anal area such as itch, Burning, and chair occur lubricate, no one speaks like about it and avoids it, to go to the doctor. Because everything that has to do with defecation and Anus, is still regarded as a taboo subject with a high shame factor.

Many suspect, then, first of hemorrhoids as the cause for the miss feel on the Po. “That’s not true, but, hemorrhoids are far too often wrongly perceived as responsible,” says Alexander Konstantinov, a senior physician at the Dermatological clinic of the technical University of Munich.

For sensitive skin, not too much scratch

Rather, the paper contained perfume and preservatives as well as excessive Rubbing as causes come in the toilet in question. Especially for people with sensitive, dry skin this can be a Problem. Is that in the case of eczema of the case, because in these patients the skin is dry and cracking. Also for people with psoriasis (Psoriasis), there is this risk.

Especially in the case of neurodermatitis patients the top layer of skin is unstable, it can form cracks and additives from the toilet paper to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. This favors the development of allergies and leads to mechanical irritation.

The correct Po-showers are a luxury

There are ways to clean the Po is different. In some Asian countries, such as Japan, belongs to the Po-shower next to the toilet, to the standard of high-class apartments. The back shower is better than Wiping with toilet paper? “Yes,” confirmed the proctologist. “Cleaning with water is a much more thorough and gentler method.”

However, it was a luxury that not everyone can afford, he warns. Because cheap the toilet built-in Po-in showers or next to the toilet hand showers not, you can cost several hundred euros.

Mobile Po-shower clean well

Those who want to invest less, you can try it with a mobile bottom-shower. This is a small bottle or jug with a curved neck. It is filled with water, a small spray nozzle it cleans easily (about 20 Euro).

“Some of our patients purchase a spray bottle and use it as a mobile Po-shower”, reported Alexander Konstantinov from the practice. Some of them prepare also your personal washing solution, for example, with a bit of olive oil, baby oil, or glycerin, which is good for especially dry skin.

Problem the case of wet toilet paper

After cleaning with the Po-shower Drying is called for, however, it must not be rubbed, because the Po is already clean. Dabbing is sufficient, with plain toilet paper or cotton compresses.

A compromise Po-shower and Wipe with toilet paper might be too moist toilet paper. The expert advises: “Often damp contains toilet paper, substances of concern”. These are:

  • Fragrance substances, but also preservatives that can cause allergies. The preservatives are added to the moist toilet paper, because it starts to get moldy in the well-sealed Box.
  • In addition, in the manufacture of non-wovens – that is what it is in the case of damp toilet paper – often formaldehyde is used, which is known to be carcinogenic, he warns.
  • Not least of all, frequently fibers of polyethylene or polypropylene can be woven to make the Cloth easy to grip and smooth. Therefore, the Abputzhilfen do not decompose may clog pipes, go into the waste water, and straining ultimately, the environment.

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Good toilet paper and a little water

For optimal anal hygiene normal toilet paper, which is moistened after a bowel movement with a little water. Particularly well-resistant toilet paper is suitable for this, of course, without additives. Who has anal problems such to be dry skin, psoriasis or eczema, DAB with a little olive, baby oil, or aqueous glycerine (from the pharmacy). In this way, the Po-Region is optimally clean and well maintained.

So risky incorrect Po’s care

Excessive Hygiene with soap and a strong RUB, hurt, however, and could trigger the irritative contact eczema, warns a dermatologist. Massive itching is the main symptoms of this skin disease, caused by severe Overuse. In the worst case, it can cause cracking, Suppuration and bleeding. For the treatment is short term, and also cortisone, the specialist prescribes. The irritative contact dermatitis is the most common of the many forms of anal eczema.

To exclude other diseases, such as Psoriasis, fungal infections, and organ are hemorrhoids in all cases, table caused irritation of the anal output (, anal prolapse, and others).

Warning Signs Of Itching

Itching is one of the most important signs that, in the anal region something is wrong and the complaints of a dermatologist or proctologist clarified. Because the Symptom may be caused by different diseases or changes, which are little known, but often occur, such as:

1. Skin tags: it is a single, innocuous and thin skin, lines and wrinkles on the Anus. “Often they are treated also confused by Doctors with hemorrhoids and wrong,” explains Alexander Konstantinov. The big difference is that skin tags occur outside of the anal canal, hemorrhoids internal. Skin tags can lead to itching and irritation, because often the stool remains adhere to them. Po-shower, then Pat dry, not cortisone, is, in this context, the advice of a dermatologist.

2. Psoriasis: Alone, two million patients in Germany have psoriasis. Often the skin changes manifest themselves on the Anus.

3. Lichen sclerosus et atrophicus: A chronic inflammatory connective tissue disease with white spots, the cause of which little is known. Especially women are affected. If left untreated, the skin parchment thin-like and cracked, which leads especially in the anal area problems. Treatment option is targeted cortisone.

4. Funnel anus: that is, starting from the gluteal muscle of a pit, around the Anus, similar to a funnel. The Anus is so deep between the Pofalten. Especially in the case of strong hair, it is not enough normal Wipe then. Remaining stool remnants and bacteria lead to severe itching and inflammation. Shaving is useless, because it irritates the Region. “Here, too, the Po-shower is not optimal, and possibly a care ointment with Dexpanthenol,” advises the expert.

5. Anal prolapse/rectal prolapse: It falls in the very last section of the Bowel out of the Anus, especially in people with a sphincter weakness (incontinence) can the prolapse to occur. “The anal prolapse can be confused by the Inexperienced with large, emergent hemorrhoids,” warns senior physician, Alexander Konstantinov.

Anal complaints can be very complex. It is important, therefore, to let you for the first time in a specialist practice, from the dermatologist or proctologist to clarify, the initiate the right treatment.

In order to keep the Po-Region as a whole as healthy as possible, careful anal hygiene is important. For water and toilet paper to provide the easiest, who would particularly like to clean gently and thoroughly, should try it with a Po-shower. It need not be expensive products. A simple spray bottle, water and a little olive oil or glycerin.