A few minutes a day are enough: three Exercises men strengthen their potency muscle

Cause for erectile dysfunction and potency problems are often to weak pelvic floor muscles. Of the Penis receives too little oxygen. Simple Exercises can improve, in addition the man is benefited by the Training in sports such as Running, soccer or rowing.

In the case of pelvic floor training and exercises many men think “this is just what women”. Not true, even of the German football Association (DFB) recommends this Training. Pelvic floor exercises are for football professionals is quite normal and is part of the regular program. Because the strengthening of this Region, while also allowing the abdominal muscles benefit, leads to strength, more drive and force, full of stops and Gos.

Pelvic floor muscles support the major organs in the case of a man and a woman

However, the Exercises also have an additional effect: they support the potency. Overall, the pelvic floor, a muscle and Tendon group, which is a good palm – sized, and the abdominal cavity to the bottom completes . He connects the coccyx with pubic bone and the two ischial tuberosities.

The pelvic floor has of the man with only two Openings for the urethra and rectum, in the case of the woman about one more for the Vagina. The muscle composite supports bowel and bladder such as when Running, Jumping, hard-to-Wear, as well as Sneezing and Laughing. A weak pelvic floor muscles is often the cause for incontinence.

The Basis for sexual strength of the pelvic floor

In man certain muscles of the pelvic floor, the Musculus ischiocavernosus, a Muscle bulbospongiosus and Pubococcygeus Muscle (PC muscle, potency, muscle) are important for a strong erection. They affect the blood supply to the Penis, improve its supply of oxygen and allow a hard erection.

The pelvic floor is trained, it can reduce therefore potency problems, at least, as many studies showed. In any case, the Training strengthens the potency and prevent impotence.

In addition, incontinence can be by the way, such as after a prostate surgery, in many cases, you can undo.

So you need to locate the potency in muscle and pelvic floor

But where are these “secret” muscles of the man is located and how the man gets a feeling for that? Try this Exercise on the perception of the potency of muscle/pelvic floor:

1. Simply place the Index, middle and ring finger to the area between the Anus and scrotum, called the perineum.

2. Now, try to pull this area up, the body center, as you would to stop Urination the urinary stream.

3. Now you can feel how the dam will harden a bit and slightly moves upward.

Basic exercises for the pelvic floor and better potency

The following Exercises help the pelvic floor to strengthen. The small training program can have a big effect, if you practice three times per week for a couple of minutes. However, you need to have patience. Only after a few weeks, you should register first positive effects. The Exercises:

1. Pelvic tilt

Stand up straight, feet shoulder-open wide, knees slightly bent, Butt stretch slightly backwards, so that they can get something in the hollow cross; Hands on the hips.

Now the Pomuskeln tense, the pelvic lift, the knees remain slightly bent. Voltage should be kept short, then the pelvic tilt back to the starting position and the Exercise seven times, and slowly repeat.

2. Pool lift

On the back, legs bent, feet hip distance apart, flat on the ground. Arms are alongside the body to one side, opened Händflächen up, tense your buttocks.

Slowly, the buttocks, slide it upwards, so that the thigh and abdomen form a straight line. The navel inward-pull, pelvic tensing the ground, and this voltage is a few minutes pause. Then, slowly, vertebrae by vertebrae, back and buttocks drop. Exercise repeat seven more times, important a long time tension is in the extended Position with the buttocks away from the floor.

3. Inclined Plane

Sit upright, legs stretched out and slightly apart, torso is supported on the arms, hands lie flat on the ground on the right and on the left side of the hips, fingers pointing forward.

The buttocks as far as possible from the ground, the legs form a straight line with the upper body, toes pointing up, only the heels and palms touch the ground. Head straight, not to the rear of the sink.

In addition, you can lift alternating legs from the ground and stretch upwards. The toes also show up. This creates even more tension. Exercise per side five times, if necessary, in between, back to the starting position, so sit down and relax.

These Exercises and other training programs for the man were developed by Frank Sommer, Professor of men’s health

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