The diver after a dive, suddenly swollen

In Chile after the emergency situation with an emergency ascent to the surface the diver by the name of Alejandro Ramos dramatically increased the volume of the body – man as if suddenly inflated. About this case, informs edition Daily Mail.

During operation of Ramos at a depth of 30 meters was an emergency because of damage to the hose supplying air for breathing, the man had hastily to rise to the surface of the water. Rapid ascent is a disaster for divers: they can develop decompression illness, and in severe cases, it can result in the death of a person. Alejandro Ramos survived, but his body hideously swollen.

The diver dramatically gained weight, which has increased by 30 kilos. Biceps and chest muscles, men have become giant. The lack of money did not allow Ramos to seek qualified medical help.

The tragic incident affected the lives of men. He could not work, avoided to be seen, became depressed and even thought about suicide. But the unusual case where the result of decompression sickness is literally bloated body, interested in the medical center of the Navy in Lima. A survey there showed that adipose tissue in the body of the diver and has increased in volume due to penetrated her bubbles of nitrogen. In addition to treating the man now will have to go through plastic surgery.

Magicforum previously wrote about the case in the UK, where the court forced the man to go through leg amputation.