The cat twice saved his owner from cancer

The Metro newspaper revealed details of the amazing story of salvation Englishwoman Angela Tinning, which was able to cope with cancer, thanks to their furry pet.

Cat Missy helped her mistress to detect breast cancer, writes Metro. According to Angela Tinning, a few years ago Missy, absolutely no different to this gentle nature, suddenly and then strove to lie down on her chest. The woman noted that irritable and cranky cats, this behavior seemed unusual, but that’s what made her suspicious. Angela started to listen to the sensations and soon felt pain, decided to go to the doctors. The tests showed that the body of English intensified pre-cancerous cells.

Cells removed, but two years later, the cat Missy again started to give her mistress the increased attention and tried to settle on her chest. Unlike the first time the Brits had no pain, but she still decided to play it safe and be diagnosed. This time the tests Tinning helped doctors identify pre-reshivshiysya she had breast cancer. The woman was operated on.

Health workers did not hide: if their patient insisted on the examination, cancer that settled in her body, could not see for a few months. During this time, the tumor would become more significant and aggressive. In turn saved the cat woman said that very grateful to Missy and nominated her for the award Hero Cat at the National Cat Awards.

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