Protein BRD9 allows you to prevent sarcoma

American scientists have discovered that a protein BRD9 plays an important role in the development of synovial sarcoma – cancer of the soft tissues of the body. According to researchers, a certain effect on the protein helps prevent disease by preventing the occurrence of these sarcomas before the first symptoms.

About the opening of the scientific experts reported Eurekalert. Scientists said the suppression of the activity of protein BRD9 “may become a new effective method for the treatment of synovial sarcoma in the earliest stages”. In favor of this view say the results of their experiment on mice.

According to the researchers, synovial sarcoma characterized by the presence of the enzyme SS18-SSX, which stimulates the development of the disease. Experts have established that the protein BRD9 is a component of cancerous substances, and proposed to use it as the first of the current therapeutic targets for preventing the disease.

“Integration BRD9 protein complexes contained in the SS18-SSX is crucial for the development of the tumor. Experiments on mice have shown the effectiveness of preventing the development of sarcoma in the case of suppression of BRD9,” stated the authors.
Synovial sarcoma is a malignant tumor of the soft tissues, which can appear in any part of the body including the brain and heart. In the beginning this cancer occurs without any obvious symptoms, but later may manifest such symptoms as swelling, numbness or sudden pain in the joint.

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