Length of the index finger in women, index of confidence

Scientists from Oxford University suggested to be an indicator of the confidence in women the index finger on his left hand. On the work of specialists, during which it became clear what the secret lies in the size of the index finger of women, told the publication the Daily Mail.

“The size of an index finger at women – an indicator of confidence. Women with a long index finger on his left hand behave in society even more strongly and powerfully,” said Oxford’s experts.
Scientists say that a long index finger is considered in the if it is larger than the nameless.

In the study, its authors, measurements were taken of the length of the fingers from the more than 270 women. Also these ladies were made genetic analysis. In addition, the participants in the experiment answered questions of psychologists regarding self-esteem and relationships with men.

The results showed that the length of the index finger is directly proportional to the confidence of women themselves: the greater, the smaller complexes are experiencing a female, evaluate your ability. According to the researchers, women have long index finger on his left hand compared to the nameless, very easily into relationships – they are less timid, more confident saying and often convinced of their irresistibility. The reverse situation exists in women, which compared with the index have a longer ring finger.

It is interesting that in men the correlation between finger length and quality, scientists have found.

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