Insulin pumps kill most of the patients

An insulin pump has caused more than 150 thousand deaths and injuries over the last 10 years in USA, as found by American researchers. The number of victims of these medical devices are superior to all other gadgets.

Researchers from the USA found that insulin pumps cause much more health problems than any other medical device. Statistical analysis of the main medical Department of the United States, assembled in 2008, showed that insulin pumps and their components are responsible for the highest total number of deaths, injuries and crashes. Medical experts very often blame the user pumps, which are allegedly not comply with the necessary rules. However, only the number of failures is a device that delivers insulin 24 hours a day through a special catheter under the skin, takes the second place after metal hip implants.

Magicforum recalls that the diabetes in the human body develops in the moment when it ceases to produce enough of the hormone insulin necessary for glucose or sugar from the blood fell into the cage. An insulin pump is a small computerized devices which repeat the action of the normal pancreas. They consist of two components: pump and infusion set. To support the work of this device, users should carefully monitor their diet and then manually enter the information like the volume supplied to body insulin.

The manufacturers of these devices promote them aggressive adults and children. Many companies claim that insulin pumps are absolutely safe and help diabetics lead a normal life. As for different kinds of accidents and failures, and then blame the users who misuse the devices that require special training. (READ MORE)

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