Herpes can enter the brain and destroy it

The study of genetics of the University of Oxford confirmed that Alzheimer’s disease can be triggered by the herpes virus trapped in the tissues of the brain. This was the article in the journal Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience.

Scientists have conducted a number of studies that indicate a possible link of Alzheimer’s with the herpes VIUs. According to one of the scientists, Ruth Itzhaki, “About half of the carriers of Alzheimer’s disease in her appearance is to blame herpes.”

Yitzhaki added that the emergence of the virus in brain cells activates the gene APOE, and this may be dangerous for the carriers of its mutated versions. As a result of the virus in cells is the accumulation of protein debris, which provokes the onset of disease.

“These studies can help us in creating the vaccine against herpes,” they concluded Oxford specialists in the cited article.
Note that in previous studies, scientists have discovered that the struggle with Alzheimer’s should be used in, among other things, and antiviral drugs.

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