Gernaration – new anti-aging

Compounds called gerontopsychiatry (ANP), were discovered by members of the Institute of biological research Salk in the United States. These unique compounds, according to scientists, can become the new anti-aging, in particular, can be effective in the treatment of dementia.

“Guaranteeaprintro slow down the aging in mice and are potential candidates for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease in people,” said scientific experts.
American researchers synthesized a of the antioxidant properties of curcumin and fisetin three chemical compounds able to protect neurons from toxins accumulated with the ageing of the brain. During the experiments with flies and mice, these compounds showed itself as an effective anti-aging under their action decreased the level of molecular markers in aging and dementia, and increased life expectancy. The connection got working titles CMS121, CAD31 and J147.

Now for gernaration have to go through clinical trials. Scientists intend to use in the testing of biochemical markers of aging people. The researchers plan to find out whether these drugs protect against aging not only on the brain but also other organs. The experts noted that the substance of fisetin and curcumin, on the basis of which there have been new anti-aging drugs, not for the first time showed itself from the best side as the anti-aging ingredients.

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