Each new generation of pensioners live 3 years longer

Those people who manage to live to 65 years, life expectancy has increased. The study showed that they now live 6 years longer than their grandparents.

People who manage to live to 65 years in the future, live for 6 years longer than their grandparents. Researchers from Stanford University in California claim that the life expectancy of people who are fortunate enough to retire, now increased by three years each generation. Note that previous studies have shown the approach of a person’s life expectancy to its natural limit. But new research shows that perhaps this limit is not expected. And the next generation of retirees will live three years longer than the current one.

At least, this happens in those 20 countries, which fall in the sphere of attention of researchers in the period from 1960 to 2010. In General, each new generation of retirees lived three years longer than the previous one, and so for 6 years longer than their grandparents. Naturally, this jump in life expectancy largely could be attributed to the widespread introduction of certain antibiotics and vaccines as well as drugs such as statins. But still, the good news is that the authors of the study have not yet see any limits to increasing the duration of human life.

They believe that the establishment of these limits in previous studies was due to a mistake with the choice of objects for observation. The authors had paid more attention to superdelegates, that is, those who have lived much longer than all the rest. However, when you consider that up to 110-115 years old, very few survive, the final conclusions of these studies were not entirely correct. Now, researchers followed those who survived to 65 years of age and retired. (READ MORE)