Crooked teeth threaten lung and heart diseases

Crooked teeth can be dangerous for the heart and lungs. This is due to the fact that they are much more difficult to properly clean.

Crooked teeth are not only an aesthetic problem, which many people are ashamed of. Doctors say that because of crooked teeth in humans increases the risk of diseases of the lungs and heart. Therefore, to tolerate this defect is not worth it, and it’s better to visit the dentist. By the way, should not be considered that crooked teeth get the person from birth, and if he had, in his youth, a perfect smile, then the curvature does not threaten him. With age our gums weaken and teeth begin to move, so the Hollywood smile can also be bent. But why is this aesthetic defect of the teeth is a threat to human health?

The fact is that crooked teeth are much harder to clean, especially when with age our sight worsens. Because of this, in the mouth often accumulate bacteria, forming a special plaque or biofilm. So there are quite a painful, chronic gum disease. But scientists have proved that between gum disease, lung infections and cardiovascular diseases there is a direct link. Bacteria enter the bloodstream, they reach the heart and lungs, where they begin their pathological activities.

The good news is that crooked teeth can be corrected. Dentists there is a whole Arsenal of tools, ranging from wearing braces, and ending with surgical operations. However, none of these techniques will not be effective in the long term, if the patient will not adhere to the strict rules of hygiene of the oral cavity. Proper teeth brushing, flossing and rinses are needed in order to teeth served us for as long as possible. (READ MORE)