Australian doctors managed to separate conjoined twins

Australian surgeons from the children’s hospital of Melbourne were able to successfully separate Siamese twins – polutorogodovalogo girls, conjoined at the liver. The most complicated operation lasted six hours, its details were described by the Guardian.

15-month conjoined twin sister of NIMA and Dawa were born in Bhutan. They were born fused at the abdomen and lower thorax. The Siamese twins had one liver for two. In Bhutan, the share of girls no one dared, and native children, as well as helping them to charitable organizations have had to seek professional assistance abroad. Their appeals responded to the government of the Australian state of Victoria.

When Melbourne arrived a mother with conjoined twins and watched their Bhutanese pediatrician, medical examination showed that the girls had not enough weight in order to doctors could be confident that they will be able to undergo a surgery and blood loss. Babies held on a special nutritious diet within a month. After that they were operated.

According to Australian doctors separate conjoined twins was successful – the doctors have reason to believe that the girls will survive, will get stronger and will be able to safely live. At the same time they noted that the effects of the operation, the more sophisticated can sometimes be unpredictable. Therefore, for the divided twins fitted closely monitored. Before the separation of conjoined twins with shared liver was considered the procedure, after which can survive only one child.

Siamese twins are born with probability one for 75-100 thousand newborns, and represent each of the two hundredth birth of twins. Science believes that conjoined twins are the result of failed division of the egg. Most often, conjoined twins are girls.

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