Australian ate on a dare slug and died because of a brain worm infection

Eight years later, once during a party with friends Sam bollard on a dare ate a slug, he died. Eaten clam “was awarded the” young maschinenpistole – a disease that affects the Central nervous system and develops meningoencephalitis, leading in severe cases to paralysis and death. In the most severe case happened to an Australian.

In 2010 Sam Ballard was only 19 years old – perfect age for making various nonsense. One of these stupid things was the comic debate Sam with a friend during a party whether or not he can swallow the slug.

“We were sitting at the table, drank red wine… when I noticed a slug, the conversation turned to him. Sam said that will eat the slug. We do not believe, and he took and ate” – said about this dispute, one of his witnesses.
Pretty soon after the incident bollard felt unwell, he began to hurt your feet. When the boy told his mother that he ate the slug, she immediately rejected the connection of this case with the problems of his son. “It’s not like anyone was ill,” said the woman. After some time it became clear that she was cruelly mistaken.

The doctors found that is eaten the clam was amazed by the parasitic nematode Angiostrongylus cantonensis, and because of this the guy evolved angiostrongyliasis. According to scientists, the worm parasite is able to penetrate the human body in the case of eating contaminated shellfish, seafood, and poorly washed vegetables. Australian, infected with the worm, fell into a coma and spent 420 days, and when I woke up, and was completely paralyzed. Shortly before his death to his hospital room came the friends who were involved in a dispute with slug. The bollard when it began to be very hysterical. Native Australian claim that while the male body has ceased to function normally, his mind worked – he knew that his life fading away. Soon Sam died.

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