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Verb list: By the pharmacist pills in drug Tütchen Packed to facilitate the patient, medicinal products date to take to meet

Freshly Packed: The pharmacist checked a bag strand with tablets

Who täpossible multiple medication needs, knows the Problem: What tablets should I take, when and in which dosage? Day or week, or donor to help the Üto keep overview, mübut need to manually bestübe ckt. This can cause confusion, Hygiene and durability problems führen.

Advantages of the Blistering

The individual Drug blistering, however, is clean and safe. The drugs are in special Reinräthe trees of the needs für each individual patient selected, a blister machine from air and moisture geschüsupports Packed and individually labeled. "The result is a, the air is denser, more hygienic pouches strand, the doses of the individual in the right order liefert", erklärt Erik Tenberken, a pharmacy owner from Köln, and a Board member of the Federal Association of Patient-specific drug verblisterer (BPAV).

Especially in the case of the supply of nursing homes Blistering can erh&ouml the safety of the drug significantly;Mr: There müthe patients &uuml shot;over the course of a day, often eight to ten different Präparate. And so the staff spends a lot of time, the medicines from the handelsüto remove the usual blister packaging, and für each resident individually.

Discharge für PflegekräRTD

"If pharmacies the medicines für packaging, the individual patient, relieves the PflegekräRTD, the more time für the patients haben", says Tenberken. The staff könne of the blend have thrilled distribute drugs without any further effort: "Confusion and wrong doses are excluded in the automatic verb list of."

However, lässt, according to a recent survey conducted by the University of applied Sciences Kempten, among more than 1100 care facilities currently, only a third of the homes in the packaging of the drugs individually. In the üother provides the staff for the duration of the medication of the residents is still by Hand in a day or week, or dispensers, or medication cups.

Für the BPAV but unsustainable Zust&auml are;nde: "The error rate Together with the manual is 10,000 times höas in the case of professional machine Verblisterung", the Chairman, Hans-Werner hold man emphasized. "To blister packaging of medicines individually, must therefore be the Standard in home care."

Uniform prices erwüwant to get

The relevant legal requirements are missing: the service is not covered yet in the drug price regulation. So it is up to the discretion of the supplying pharmacies, how much you für the time-consuming and demanding for the calculation.

However, the advertising of Medicinal products and the anti-corruption law, according to düdon’t let them blister packaging of medications is also free of charge. "We wüwish us a legally defined price as in the case of individual formulations, so that patients üeverywhere the Same bezahlen", erläexplained pharmacist Tenberken.

Because außoutside of care facilities, benefit patients, the täresembled several medicines, tailored to you verb list. Nourishing Angehörige to take the Service also grateful. "Für you it is a große relief, if you the responsibility für the drugs to the pharmacy k&ouml make;nnen", weiß Tenberken. "And people who take their medication as prescribed by a physician, köcan usually läViking selbststäto live fully home."

Less Arzneimittelmüll

Individual Blister not only to improve drug safety and adherence to Therapy, they also reduce the Medikamentenmüll, since fewer residues are incurred. However, the größth advantage looks Tenberken in facilitating medication management: "So I drug üGeneral can packaging, I need zunächst  a digital medication plan." This put him in the position to pay in advance on the Double prescriptions and interactions and are already beginning to be specialized to contribute knowledge.

A own blister machines have, as yet, only a few öpublic pharmacies. Because of the high cost and zusäin addition to the required Räume, the most access to external blister centers zurück, the Präpreparations made according to your specifications eintüth. The only requirement is a Software for the management of the patient and medication data.

Stästrengthening the local pharmacy

Tenberken is üassured: "The increasing requirements to the medication management küin the future, to master köcan, will prevail in the patient-specific blistering increasingly, and not least the local pharmacy stäTurks."

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