Artificial intelligence will make cancer treatment flawless

Scientists have taken a significant step forward in the development of personalized cancer therapy. They created the model of artificial intelligence that predicts how a particular tumor will respond to drugs.

It is possible that very soon the majority of patients with cancer will receive a personalized treatment based on artificial intelligence. His model with a great degree of accuracy recreates the tumor and conducts a simulation of how they will react to certain medications. On this model work by scientists from University College London. This technique will help doctors determine the best medications and even their exact dosage that is of great importance to pass through treatment of cancer patients. Precisely calculated dose will minimize the risk of side effects and the likelihood of drug resistance.

Every malignant tumor is unique, its growth develops under the certain scenario that depends on the number of cells and their quality. The structure of the tumor determines how effectively carried with the blood flow the medication will affect the malignancy and the tumor itself how it will react. To test their model, the researchers implanted human tumor of the intestine under the skin of mice with a weakened immune system. About two weeks to the tumor was sent to the drugs with fluorescent molecules.

Then the tumor was removed and made transparent using a cocktail of chemicals. This allowed the scientists to track how different drugs travels through the bloodstream and cells. Due to the mathematical models of artificial intelligence, scientists were able to predict the response of tumors to various drugs. (READ MORE)