Artificial intelligence diagnose Alzheimer’s disease

Artificial intelligence is able to recognize Alzheimer’s disease for 6 years before all existing methods of diagnosis. Moreover, the accuracy in this case is absolute, as shown by some research.

A new artificial intelligence system can predict the development of Alzheimer’s disease with absolute accuracy 6 years before the occurrence of classical symptoms of this variety of dementia for which doctors usually define. Alzheimer’s disease is incurable, and the effectiveness of the best forms of therapy significantly reduced the progression of disease. This means that early detection gives the best chance of the 44 million victims of Alzheimer’s disease, which currently live in different countries of the world. Scientists from the University of California at San Francisco taught artificial intelligence definition, subtle changes in the brain that are not recognized by the human eye.

To date, the artificial intelligence system provided convincing evidence of its effectiveness, demonstrating absolute accuracy in determining the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. However, the study was very small scale, and its performance validated at a larger number of patients. Magicforum recalls that although Alzheimer’s disease is among the ten most deadly diseases in the world, we are only beginning vaguely to understand the causes of its development and possible directions in the creation of drugs.

Unfortunately, even with the help of computer tomography diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease with absolute accuracy can not be supplied until the death of the patient. So the doctors in the diagnosis move by process of elimination, when they reject all other possible causes of memory problems until there remains only one possible, that is Alzheimer’s. But this process takes much time, and patients lose a lot of opportunities for earlier treatment. (READ MORE)