After birth, the risk of breast cancer may increase by 80%

The study showed that after the first birth the risk of breast cancer in women rises to 80%. And this despite the fact that previous studies showed a drop in the risk of these tumors in mom.

Having a child can increase the risk of women getting breast cancer before the age of 50 by as much as 80%, the study showed scientists from the University of North Carolina. It is noteworthy that the childbirth, especially multiple, repeatedly considered a factor that protects women from breast cancer. Scientists came to the conclusion that after birth, changes occur in breast cells that make the glands less vulnerable to malignancies. However, the relationship between age, childbirth and breast cancer is very complex.

Us researchers warn that have given birth to children especially after the age of 25 women are included in the high-risk group in the risk of early breast cancer. And for about 20 years, they will not be able to benefit from the protective effect of childbirth against cancer. Note that breast tumors according to the degree of spread among the fair sex in the different countries of the world, second only to tumors of the skin. According to statistics, breast cancer will face every 8 women at some stage in their lives. Some of this is the prospect so scary that they go through a preventative mastectomy, as did the famous actress Angelina Jolie. Though her decision was pushed by the presence of the mutated gene BRCA1, which increases the likelihood of breast cancer up to 80%.

Aging is another risk factor for developing breast cancer. However, age at first birth and total number of children must also be considered when determining the risk of these tumors in General. And this calculation is much more complicated than it was made earlier that confirmed a new study. (READ MORE)