A device that allows you to beat sleeplessness

A device that allows you to speed up the process of falling asleep and conquer insomnia developed by Russian scientists. Previously the specialists of the Institute of higher nervous activity and neurophysiology of RAS found that to combat insomnia you can use weak electromagnetic fields, and developers of the Physical Institute. P. N. Lebedev RAS on the basis of the conducted experiment has designed “the device from insomnia and trouble falling asleep” in the form of small boxes.

Scientists reported that the new device affects the human brain with weak electromagnetic fields that regulate circadian rhythms.

“The range of frequencies of electromagnetic fields of extremely low frequency coincides with the frequency characteristics of the potentials of the brain, organs and kanakaloka. The organs that depend on the Central nervous system, react to these fields, and, forming a certain magnetic pulses, can cause the effect good sleep”, noted scientific experts.
According to them, the electromagnetic oscillations occur in the space between the ground and the top part of the ambiance during the earth days they change. With the onset of night -time sleep, their amplitude is reduced. After the experiments, the scientists came to the conclusion that the amplitude of the frequency 2-20 Hz allow you to beat sleeplessness – they help to fall asleep and deeper sleep.

The unit was created from insomnia, which is essentially a generator of electromagnetic field, scientists want to make it compatible with a smartphone. According to researchers, pick up frequency may need individually. Their work in this direction will continue.

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