5 myths about conception

Lunar calendars, a compress of parsley, an ax under the bed and conspiracies – aside from all these “popular” ways to speed up the pregnancy and talk about the myths you believe in even progressive parents.

1. If you are not able to get pregnant for six months, then you health problems

According to estimates by British scientists, for conception is necessary for 6 months at least 4 times a week to have sex. A diagnosis of infertility doctors advise to start if it’s not possible to get pregnant after a year of attempts.

Relax and don’t repeat the mistakes of the three thousand women surveyed by the same scientists: 25% of them said that during intensive trying to get pregnant, sex becomes boring, and 11% said their husbands complained about the “complete depletion”.

2. The sex of the baby you can plan

Remember the lessons of biology: all eggs contain an X chromosome. Half the sperm contain an X chromosome and half a Y chromosome. If the egg merge X-sperm, then get a girl (XX) and if Y-sperm a boy (XY). Table no Japanese or Chinese calendars, no special diets will not force stork to work on the order.

There is a hypothesis that the speed of the sperm depends on which chromosome it carries. Supposedly Y is moving faster, and longer lives. Therefore, if the conception happened on the day of ovulation, it will be a boy, but if a few days before ovulation, there will be a girl. Supposedly the egg will reach a slow and tenacious sperm. But this is only conjecture, the evidence base had not.

The only reliable method of planning the sex is filtering sperm in IVF. But in Russia, this procedure is prohibited by law, and in other countries you will not give any guarantees.

3. Need to have to 35. Your clock is ticking

In fact, pregnancy 35 pregnancy 20 differs much less than is commonly believed.

First, hopelessly outdated evidence that after 35 years to conceive 2 times harder. In fact, compared to 27 years, the probability is reduced from 86% to 82%. That is, it remains almost the same.

Second, the risk of chromosomal mutations has been greatly exaggerated. Even after 45 years, women have retained a fairly high probability of having a healthy baby.

Thirdly, if you are 35, it does not mean that your body is “wrong”, and pregnancy for him to be an ordeal. At this age, health is much more dependent on lifestyle than numbers.

4. If you are unable to get pregnant, so it’s a woman

According to the American Mayo clinic, in 30% of cases the problem is really in the female body. In 30% of woman can’t get pregnant “at fault” partner. In other cases the problems of both, and sometimes the cause and is unable to install.

5. Pose birches after sex to help sperms to reach the goal

Many peeped the way to the movies: the heroine who wants to get pregnant, half an hour of leg lifts against the wall. To help the sperm to reach the egg. It looks logical: the sperm liquid, and all liquids tend to drain downwards.

In fact, the sperm themselves may overcome gravity, otherwise they would never have been able to get to the fallopian tubes and fertilize the egg. Special postures and movements you they would be much help.