What to include in a winter diet?

For the health and well-being in the winter with its cold weather and lack of light, the diet should include certain foods. These products will help the body to adapt to the weather conditions, which is a serious stress.

That in winter the diet should include certain foods, rasskazovsky nutritionist Angelique Duval. According to him “the season of cold is a serious stress to a finely organized human life support systems”.

In winter, the expert said, the body wants more fat and hot food – this allows him to adapt better to the cold. The nutritionist recommends that you adjust your diet so that your body’s needs in the necessary nutrients are met, but the food remained balanced and healthy.

What to include in a winter diet on the advice of a nutritionist?

Unrefined oil. Use oil according to nutritionist, you need every day during Breakfast pohodnoy dessert spoon. Fasting is the oil because they can be harsh on the mucous membranes of the digestive tract. The use of oils promotes satiety and protects against breakdowns in hazardous products, as well as a positive effect on appearance.

Foods with high iodine content. The easiest and most available source – algae. Foods with iodine should be included in the winter diet as they provide the body with important minerals which improve the nervous system, weaken the effects of stress, protect against the development of depression.

Dairy products. These products should also be sure to include in a winter diet, as they improve the intestinal microflora, which depends on the General condition of the body, including the brain and its cognitive functions. According to the specialist dairy products with added berries and fruit is useful to eat for Breakfast, alternating with the consumption of cereals (with the same berries and fruits). Add pieces of fruit and berries should be on their own in dairy products, not containing sugar.

Mandatory Breakfast. Even if you don’t want to, anyway, after waking up have to eat. A nutritionist warned that skipping Breakfast will cause the body to use its internal reserves that will lead to its exhaustion and premature aging.

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