This ingredient will help you not to age a little longer

The researchers found that a natural ingredient can slow the aging process. They also said the food in which it is contained.

Who of us would refuse to be forever young? Unfortunately, it’s impossible, but there are some methods a little to slow the inevitable passage of time. I think the main healthy lifestyle that includes a combination of proper diet and good regime of physical activity with adequate rest. A new study has shown that there is one natural ingredient found in fruits and vegetables that will help you live a little longer and slow down aging. We are talking about pigment under the name of fisetinalso has anti-cancer activity by suppressing the free radicals. Fisetin reduces the load on the organism of damaged cells, and prolongs life and improves health.

A real treasure trove of fisetin is the strawberry, which has its maximum concentration. Strawberries filled with components of fighting oxidative stress and inflammation, preventing heart disease. The flavonoids called anthocyanins and antioxidants that are in strawberries, they also prevent the accumulation of “bad” cholesterol that blocks arteries. Finally, strawberries have vitamin C which strengthens the immune system. Fisetin of strawberries helps to make a lasting memory by stimulating the signaling biological pathways in the brain.

Another good source of this ingredient, and even more affordable for Russians, are considered to be cucumbers. Scientists have found that present in cucumbers of fisetin prevents memory impairment and learning processes in mice. Cucumbers also have a group of phytonutrients called lignans, which are associated with reduced risk of cancer, they are full of antioxidants that improve the immune system and protecting from free radicals. In addition, the cucumbers are sterols that reduce cholesterol. (READ MORE)