The most useful Breakfast for the liver – slideshow

  • We often talk about biorhythms, referring to
    the body as a whole. However, your biorhythms have
    of each organ. There is even a separate science,
    which studies them, – chronobiology. And she
    found that the peak activity of the liver have
    on night watch. So, the most important meal for
    this body – Breakfast.
  • Circadian rhythm of the liver looks
    in the following way. In the first half of the day
    it actively secretes bile
    (needed for digestion),
    there is a consumption of glycogen and the accumulation of
    fat. But in the second half of the day liver
    forms of energy:
    synthesizes and accumulates
    glycogen. Closer to the night phase begins once the detox.
  • If you look at the daily graph of activity
    the liver, it will look like
    as follows:
    23.00 – 4.00 – maximum period
    of the liver and gallbladder
    8.00 – 13.00 – a period of rest and relaxation of the liver
    18.00 – 20.00 – maximum relaxation
    after 20.00 – the increase in the activity of the liver,
    which goes on the peak night.
  • A hearty dinner is the increase in the load
    on the liver. Especially if you love fatty
    meat or sandwiches. Night on and
    so is working at full capacity,
    a hearty dinner increases the load.
  • Lunch, eaten in 14 hours,
    plays an important role for gut – just
    at this time it is active. The “right” lunch
    with a sufficient amount of protein in the middle of the day
    soak and benefit.
  • Afternoon tea at 16 hours (preferably a carbohydrate) is
    a tribute to the release of insulin. At this time the active
    pancreas, the blood receives a lot
    hormone, and as a result very hungry.
    That’s why it is better to eat some
    long carbohydrate.
  • The Breakfast, which you eat during relaxation
    the liver is a meal that should help
    body to be cleansed. What a delicious detox you
    would you prefer for Breakfast? There is a choice.
  • Toasted grain bread with
    extra virgin olive oil. Olive oil
    the liver loves, because it can
    to reduce the level of bad cholesterol.
    The same property has
    avocado – you can make toast with it
    or eat separately.OPTION 1
  • Buckwheat or oatmeal.
    Both have the ability to “clean”
    liver, help her to get rid of toxins.OPTION 2
  • Fruit salad.
    Place the Apple, grapefruit
    and persimmons (good season).
    All these fruits are very good for the liver:
    bind harmful compounds
    grapefruit and launches the enzymes
    protects the liver.OPTION 3
  • Pumpkin pancakes.
    Pumpkin, perhaps, holds the palm from the point
    terms of use for the liver. It helps
    to recover the hepatocytes, has a beneficial effect on
    gallbladder. Sometimes a pumpkin is called natural
    the filter that cleanses the body.OPTION 4
  • And to wash down good for the liver Breakfast you can coffee
    (it is also good for the liver) or tea with honey.